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Sometimes when you’re hanging out with friends you just want some food. Maybe you’re coming back from the movies or a night out at the clubs, and you’re hungry. Or what if you’re one of those odd people who wakes up at obscenely early hours of the morning? Whatever the situation, finding some place that’s open can sometimes be challenging. Taco Bell is famous for its late night drive through window. There’s nothing like getting cheap tacos to satiate your appetite.

In smaller towns everyone knows of the one or two places to get food at odds hours of the morning or night. In the big city though it’s much harder to track. Sure you might know a place or two, but it may be across town. Not to mention there are so many other options. But how to find them?

OpenNow Home

It turns out someone had the same problem and decided to solve it once and for all, for everyone. OpenNow is a site that will tell you exactly what restaurants near you are open right now. In their own words, OpenNow aims to solve the problem of restaurant hours on the internet once and for all. They are creating the most comprehensive, authoritative database of restaurant hours on the internet.

Using OpenNow is easy. You can search on the type of restaurant you’d like to check and it will return results. You can also select the option to have it search for restaurants near to you. Incidentally, OpenNow’s quest to track the hours of restaurants begins in San Francisco, found at Based upon personal experience we feel this is a good choice- on a sunny day there’s no more beautiful place on earth. Not to mention the many exquisite dining options.

So let’s say you were to search on “burger.” It will return a series of burger joints all listed on the page and also designated on a Google Map. You can click on any of these to bring up the restaurant page and check out their posted hours. You can also browse for restaurants by category. So if you happen to be hanging out in the Mission late at night, just click on that neighborhood and check out a restaurant that seems interesting. There are a lot of good late night restaurants to discover in the Mission. Or if you really have a penchant for sushi, you can check out the Japanese category.

OpenNow local burger joints

The experience of using OpenNow is actually much easier than browsing or searching though. You just go to the home page, and that’s it. By default it tracks your location and immediately displays local restaurants. More importantly, each restaurant has the time until it closes displayed right next to it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s raced to sit down at a table fifteen minutes before they close. These are situations where over tipping is appropriate.

Finding out when restaurants are open is incredibly useful. Quickly being able to look up when they’re open and where they are is key to ending your night well. Whatever the occasion, OpenNow has embarked on the task of categorizing and tracking the business hours of restaurants. It’s destined to be a staple for late night crowds and early birds alike.

The site’s currently down. They say to check back later, though it doesn’t look too promising.

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