Rational Survey: It’s their thoughts, that count

Know your customers. Out of all the secrets to success this is perhaps the most important. It’s your customers that pay the bills. When all else fails they’re the ones that keep the lights on. In an economy where the going is sometimes tough, it’s your customers that will pull you through.

There’s so much more to the customer interaction than a simply exchange of goods and services. Sure watching the money come in is the bottom line, but the other bottom line is what your customers think. This nebulous, unmeasured gauge of your business often goes unmonitored. After all, how can one tell what their customers are thinking- especially in a day and age where we don’t often see them eye to eye. The obvious answer is to ask them. And so has sprung up an entire industry of questionnaire and survey solutions throughout the web. These come in many shapes and forms, each offering various features and benefits. Some are suited for market research. Others focus on customer feedback. Then you have the options to embed surveys on a website, or in a popup. Finding a solution that meets your exact criteria can be challenging. That is, until Rational Survey was launched. They’re a new online survey provider that provides the most versatile and dynamic solution available. You can do just about anything with it.

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Rational Survey decided that a full featured professional survey service was needed. Beyond providing all of the above features, it comes with a complete set of options. These include:

  • Facebook and Twitter integration so you can send your survey out to your friends and followers.
  • An easy to use questionnaire builder.
  • A sortable response grid. For anyone who’s sent out a survey, they’ll know this is very useful in interpreting the responses.
  • Ability to customize the questionnaire style.
  • Manage Responders. This allows you to upload and organize your study group participants ahead of time to run controlled studies.
  • Validate responses. This is the option to make the responder submit answers to each question before proceeding to the next page.
  • Custom skip logic. With this feature you can display select questions based upon previous responses.
  • SSL security.
  • Many more features.

Once you sign up for an account the process consists of three steps. Configure the survey, distribute it, and then analyze the results. By default a series of sample questions are provided to show the types of questions that are available. Amongst these include radio buttons often used to rate one’s experience, checkboxes for multiple selection, and open ended questions. The distribution options are conveniently available in a small icon toolbar. So if you’d like to get the survey embed script or popup script, just click on the icon and it brings it right up. Also available is the option to convert the survey to PDF for offline printing and distribution.

The results come in real time. Thus, you can see your participants’ responses as soon as they’re available. There are also graphs showing you the number of responses requested and ones that have been submitted. With the paid packages you can even make customized graphs. Once the data’s in you can begin to interpret and dissect it. It’s here that you can finally get a feel for what your customers are thinking.

Sample Survey

Rational Survey isn’t limited to customer satisfaction surveys. It can be used for market research, employee feedback, clinical research, educational quizzes, and any number of other survey related uses. There are multiple options for registration including the ever popular free option. The other plans are for $20 or $30/month which come with increasing numbers of surveys and features.

Knowing what people are thinking is important for building one’s business. Rational Survey provides a breakthrough solution that will help businesses monitor their users’ opinions. It makes creating surveys simple, easy, and fun.

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