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We all know where to go when searching for things online- Google. Bing and Yahoo can be called upon if you must, but Google is the king of search. Like all products though it has limitations. Not too long ago Google revamped their search results to separate them by category. Some of these include Images, Videos, News, and Shopping. The added granularity is helpful, but it still may not give you the information you’re looking for.

What if you’d like to learn more about a product you’re purchasing? You might navigate to Amazon or CNET to read about it. Or you could go to Google and search on the product name and then include “review” after it. But this will give you a small subset of all the product reviews on the web. Now there’s a search engine that allows you to filter through the many product reviews throughout the entire internet. This comes to us by the aptly named, SearchReviews.

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SearchReviews is at its core a search engine. You can search on specific products or by associated keywords. It searches through all the major sites online that provide user feedback and product reviews. It then displays the results in an easy to filter format so you can find exactly the information you need to make information purchases. Once you do the initial search the filtering works by selecting specific sources, locations, and products that you’d like to view. By default all are displayed along with a cumulative star rating.

Without testing it it’s hard to appreciate this new search engine. Let’s imagine that you’re having a serious bear problem at your house. Despite the fact that you live in suburbia, you just can’t seem to keep them away. They’re everywhere. Just head over to SearchReviews and enter “bear spray” to read reviews on various bear repellant products. You’ll be able to quickly find the best deterrent for the bears. Once you find one that you like, clicking on the review takes you to the site offering the product.

SearchReviews’ goal is to answer what are deemed non-obvious questions (NOQs). This is the type of information you can only get from a broad sampling of end users. How broad is SearchReviews’ reach? Pretty far. Their system sifts through 40 million customer reviews to get you the answers to even the most obscure NOQs. This covers a staggering 4 million products. If it’s sold, then SearchReviews knows about it.

Sometimes after looking through the results you may still want a second opinion though. SearchReviews is integrated with Facebook so you can post your product questions to your friends. This gives you feedback from people in your life. (It also drops some hints about what they can get you for your next birthday.)

<SearchReviews- For bear repellant

Using SearchReviews on their website is pretty useful, but let’s say you’d like to embed it on your own site. They provide a widget for exactly this purpose. It lets you select specific categories so the results are more relevant. These are Root (which is all), Fashion, Automotive, Books, DVD, Electronics, Apparel, Baby, Computers, and Grocery. On top of this the widget also serves Adsense ads. The proceeds from these are shared with site owners. It’s always nice to add another revenue stream to your site, as well as including a useful new search engine.

Reading product reviews is an important part of researching items you’re interested in purchasing. Up until now there’s no single way to look through them all. Most of us rely on the product reviews on the site that we’re about to purchase from. SearchReviews provides you a complete listing of the information you need to make informed purchases.

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