Spoolite: International Mood Thermometer

We all go through various phases. Sometimes we feel happy, sad, or angry or mad. There are days we welcome and embrace the world, and days we would just as well let it pass us by. Our Facebook or Twitter statuses tend to reflect this with a steady stream of our mood updates pouring in throughout the day. It’s a way to stay connected to the world around you.

Our current following of friends on various social networks connects us to just that- our circle of friends. But there’s a whole world out there to discover. Some of them will be thinking the same things as us. And some will be doing similar things. Is there a way to tell what people are thinking elsewhere in the world? Perhaps some clever geolocation app exists to gauge the worldwide mood. Or, you can just use Spoolite.

Spoolite Home

Spoolite is a new way to monitor the mood, activities, and interests of the entire world. It displays pinpointed maps along with graphs of how people around the world are feeling, what they’re doing, or things they’re interested in. For instance, as of this writing most people in the world are feeling hungry. Second behind that most are feeling in love (queue romantic music). To contribute to the world mood monitor you simply type in your mood, set your reason why, and then share it with the world. Once shared it will let you know where other people are who share the same feeling as you.

In my testing I typed in the only thing that came to mind- Awesome. I set the reason as the fact that it’s finally not raining. Now people all around the world are able to see that there’s someone in San Francisco who’s feeling awesome. If someone clicks on it they can indicate if they like my particular mood. Come on, what’s not to like about someone who’s doing awesome.

Once you set your mood you can also set your activity. Here you can indicate what you’re doing, where, and with who. It also allows you to indicate when you’re doing it as well. In the same way that you can track moods, so you can also track activities around the world as well. Each has a separate page with a map indicating where people have set their moods or activities.

Rounding things out, Spoolite let’s you share a number of other items including web pages, images, songs, videos, movies, places, products, and events. These allow you to easily reference content from around the web that you’d like to share. These are displayed on their own page where you can see what is being shared around the world.

The final page is your lifeline. Here you can see all your activity, including things you’ve shared, and items you’ve indicated that you like. It also has my personal favorite feature- the mood graph. This is a simple graph that indicates your mood over time. If you have too many ups and downs, perhaps it’s time for a change.

Spoolite World

Now most people are probably thinking, OK, that’s great, but what next? It’s important to note that Spoolite isn’t a social network in the traditional sense. You don’t formally meet other users and get a chance to know them. In lieu of this, it’s integrated with Twitter and Facebook. So every time you make an update you can share it with your own social circles as well. This gives you the ability to share your updates with the world and your friends all at the same time.

Spoolite is a unique website that does something no other site does. It gauges the mood, activities, and interests of the entire world. It uses Google Maps to show where various moods are reflected, and uses Google Translation to bridge the communication gap. I must say, it was fun finding out that there’s another person in the world who’s also doing Awesome. That person is in Perth, Australia which Spoolite noted is 9161 km away from me.

Spoolite brings the world together, giving you a sense of shared experience and commonality with others around the world. It seems a shame that you can’t readily meet them, but then, perhaps it’s better that way. I like Australia just a little bit more right now, and I’m sure that person thinks a little better of San Francisco as well. It’s hard not too. This crossing the language and distance gap, in a world that is too often divided, is the driving force behind Spoolite. It’s a fun way to share your thoughts with the world. And it’s helps you come up with some creative and thoughtful status updates for traditional social networks as well.

Increasing the risk of a third world wide conflict, Spoolite has left their guard as international mood monitor. Run for the hills, fend for your lives.

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