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When I was a kid we used to love playing tag. It’s a simple game where one person chases everyone else. If they tag someone then the person who’s tagged then chases the others until they catch someone. And so it goes, kids run around the park or playground having a good time. I’m not sure when this game lost its luster. I’m thinking it was around the age of 10 years old or so that we graduated to better games. My next favorite game was when you tried to trip each other. Kind of like a play fight, but only until the person fell. These are all just normal for kids and everyone always bounced up just fine.

As we get older the games take different forms. Certainly there’s a degree of name calling that takes place. This can be both positive and negative. I recall nicknames I’ve had that were very complimentary. Or then there have been a few that I tried to disassociate myself from. Certainly names can carry a lot of weight in how we’re perceived and how we feel about ourselves.

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Now there’s a way to give people a name online. TagNow.me is a site that let’s you give tags to people, and to receive them as well. It’s a fun way to pass along compliments, and maybe tease someone as well.

The way it works is simple. You can navigate to someone’s page and assign a tag to them. They in turn can do the same for you as well. Over time you’ll develop a list of tags that you’ve assigned and have been assigned to you. It creates a fun montage depicting who you are, and what you think of those around you.

Each person’s profile consists of all the tags assigned to them and the people that tagged them. Here you can see who they’re tagging and who’s tagging them. There’s also a feed, which is the compilation of activity in their account.

Now, perhaps people may not want to accept tags from anyone who wishes to do so. For this TagNow.me provides the protected mode. This is the default mode which means you can accept or reject all tags before they’re assigned to you. Most people will choose this setting, but we’ll note that it is kind of fun to allow everyone to tag you. It makes it more real. You can toggle this setting at any time.

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TagNow.me also has a feature that we think all social sites should begin to emulate. They assign you a custom URL that gives you instant log in access. So you can bookmark that URL and never have to type in the username/password again. It’s a small convenience that goes a long way. It’s always great when sites do something unique, that isn’t commonly implemented. On top of a neat tagging service, TagNow.me has helped contribute to changing the normal login paradigm.

Tagging people with names is fun. Before too long your friends can create a word picture of who you are, and more importantly, what they think of you. These small tokens create a picture of a person that wouldn’t otherwise be seen. People can have profiles in larger social networks but it’s difficult to get a clear picture of who someone is. TagNow.me gives you the clearest and most succinct picture possible with a collection of tags. Some people will do it for fun, or just for a game. Whatever the reason, TagNow.me is a fun new way to interact and share with the people you know.

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