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Some parts of the business world come and go. The typewriter is a clear example. The nine to five work schedule is another. One staple of the business world that isn’t going away anytime soon is the PowerPoint. These brief visual presentations have helped many a speaker carry through their presentations with ease. There’s nothing like having a clicker in your hand to hide behind when talking to large groups. It both keeps the presentation on task and makes it so everyone will look at the screen instead of you. I guess I’m not too keen on giving speeches.

As great as the PowerPoint has been, it’s time for a facelift. Some people hire firms to have their PowerPoints professionally developed. These are typically for sales presentations or to introduce your business ideas to a board of directors. For day to day presentations however, oftentimes we rely on the basic built in color schemes. These are certainly functional and will help convey information in a modestly aesthetically pleasing way. In many cases prettying them up would go a long way. After all, having an attractive design can go help convince people of the content within. Helping with this is VisualBee. VisualBee is an addin plugin for MicroSoft’s PowerPoint that quickly enhances your presentations.

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The way it works is simple. First you download the free plugin. Then you select the customizations you’d like to make. It comes with many design templates which you can choose from, and hundreds of images. There are actually two flavors, the basic which is free. And if you like you can upgrade to Visual Bee Premium. This gives you access to more designs, images, as well as the ability to automate use of personal images. It also lets you embed your logo on every slide. Once installed you can readily make changes to your presentations. The attractive bee presentation below describes the process.

I have two impressions about VisualBee. The first is that this isn’t a start-up. This tool is so well documented and easy to use that it must have been made by seasoned veterans. Its my guess that this is built by those who have done this before. I don’t get the impression that this is their first rodeo, so to speak. The next is that it’s easy to use. Within seconds you can import the theme into your presentation. This immediately applies the theme and background, and in and instant your presentation is ready to go. It’s reminiscent of the relationship between CSS and HTML. You can focus on providing the content and it will add the colors and images to provide the visual look and feel.

Some have more specific needs. Let’s say you have a business that needs its own branding and customized templates. VisualBee will do this for you. All you have to do is provide them your branded material and they’ll create your own customized styles that reflect your brand. This is the perfect for your sales presentations or other client facing documents. These are handled on a case by case basis, and businesses can inquire here.

As would be expected from a site that means business, VisualBee comes with a full set of support amenities. They have user guides, feedback links, forums, a blog, and of course an FAQ. We’re not sure anyone will actually need them since the product is so straightforward to use, but it’s nice to have for reference.

VisualBee is the kind of product that is bound for greatness. The free version will get people addicted. The paid version will fill the needs of more targeted business efforts. The well designed templates can turn any presentation into a professional quality slideshow in seconds. With some extra finagling of the images you can truly personalize your PowerPoint. Whatever the purpose, PowerPoint pizzazz is here, with VisualBee’s powerful design tool.

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