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Shopping for gifts is the type of thing some people enjoy, and others find taxing. At times it can be difficult finding exactly the right item for the right person. I have some friends that shop for Christmas year round. They have so many people on their list that they are continuously looking for items to fit their criteria. Oftentimes they boast about how they’ve finished all their shopping by Thanksgiving.

But gifts aren’t limited to the holidays. There are anniversaries, birthday, and many other occasions that you might want to send someone a thoughtful card or bouquet. In fact, the largely one’s network of close friends and family, the more gifts you ought to remember to give. This can be challenging to keep up with.

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Now there’s a new way to never miss an important gift giving occasion. 7pgifts is a new site that allows you to send future gifts automatically. With it people can indicate what they’d like to buy, and when, so that a caring and thoughtful gifts will be sent at the appropriate time. It even allows people to schedule gifts after one’s passing, so they can continue to express their love in their absence.

Working with 7pgifts is easy. It’s a cross between an automated platform and a customized service. On the automated side people can select general items, such as a box of chocolates or bouquet of roses. Then they indicate when they’d like it sent and to whom. They can set it up on a recurring basis, or a one time example. This would be great for sending Valentine’s day gifts to your significant other or other important people in your life.

The customized service includes a few options. The most basic is their storage and delivery option. Here you can send gifts ahead of time to be stored by 7pgifts and sent out at the correct time. This allows people to send hand written cards or something they purchased on their own. Military personal or those who travel a lot would find this option particularly useful. The next customized service is to have 7pgifts select a generic gift. Let’s say you’re an elderly person who would like to send your teenage granddaughter something from Best Buy over the next five years. You can work with 7pgifts directly and explain what you’d like and how much you’d like to spend. They’ll then act as a personal shopper and buy best selling items that are popular at the time. Nobody knows what will be popular years down the road, so this allows people to find something that will be thoughtful, in the future.

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The service fees associated with the future gifts service vary depending on whether you store the gift at their facility or utilize their generic gift selection option. In most cases you aren’t charged until the gift is actually sent. For those who would like to send gifts after passing away these fees are paid upfront.

7pgifts is a service that’s built on a principle of sending love in non traditional ways. For many, the traditional way to express their love is to buy a last minute item. In the worst case, they might accidentally forget to do so altogether. Unless you’re like my friend who is the perennial shopper, you’re bound to let an important occasion slip eventually. Whether it’s for those who know their time on earth is short, to those who are planning on being abroad, or those who are entirely forgetful, 7pgifts is a thoughtful and caring way to send someone a gift. It ensures that important dates won’t be missed and that you remember to send a thoughtful gift to those you care for the most.

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