Broadband Expert: A friend in the highspeed internet industry

There are three things in life that are challenging, four that are nearly impossible. Buying a new car, figuring out your cell overage charges, negotiating with a contractor, and purchasing broadband internet for your home. For cars, cell phones, and home repair, we’ll leave others to contribute their advice. But when it comes to broadband access, there’s now an easy solution for everyone. Introducing, Broadband Expert.

Broadband Expert is a site that we wish existed for every industry. It is a simple interface that allows you to sift through the many different broadband options based upon your location. It contains a complete and diverse set of information that spans the industry. From high speed internet, to TV, Phone, mobile broadband, and satellite TV, it pretty much has all the telecommunication bases covered.

Broadband Expert Home

Working with Broadband Expert is simple. You start by clicking on the section of most interest to you. From there you can enter your zip code and it will immediately bring up a series of providers for your area. These include all the well known telecommunication companies such as Comcast or Verizon. It also includes local or lesser known options as well. It gives you the ability to research only high speed internet, or package deals as well. For instance many people buy them all together, or just internet and TV, or internet and phone. With Broadband Expert you can readily sift through the many views.

While the home page is adorned with a series of attractive buttons each linking to specific views, my favorite view is actually the advanced search function. Being a bit of a techie I enjoy having all the various ways to filter information in one place. With the advanced search you can select whether you want, cable, DSL, or satellite results- or any combination therein. You can also select whether you want all packages, or any variation of combo packages. And then finally you can sort the results based upon price, speed, contract length, and user review rating. In a matter of seconds you can quickly see exactly how much the various options cost and what the speed and customer ratings were.

The listed results give you all the information you need to sign up. Most typically this is a phone number accompanied by the ever popular promo code. Don’t misread what Broadband Expert is though. It’s not a site that simply pushes an ever increasing stream of coupons and promo codes on the web. It’s a valuable comparative shopping tool that gives you full insight into the telecommunication options available in your area.

To further help users Broadband Expert offers a speed test tool. Since the most basic measure of broadband service is speed, it’s helpful to know what your current bandwidth rates are. Most people aren’t even aware of how fast their internet connection is. To the standard internet user it’s either super fast, or too slow. Broadband Expert will let you know exactly what your current level of service is so you can make educated choices when searching for new providers.

Broadband Expert News

Rounding things out is a series of industry related information including their site blog and news pages. These contain valuable information for those who’d like to know more about the internet and telecommunications industry. It’s another way that Broadband Expert demonstrates its market knowledge and expertise.

Shopping for broadband internet can be a hassle. With so many different options and various packages it’s hard to know what to buy. Broadband Expert gives you the insight and information you need to make informed decisions. Its easily sortable display of information greatly facilitates finding the right solution. The only thing more we could hope for is if they’ll make a similar site for cell phone providers and the ever infamous car industry. Until then, we’ll take the advantage where we can find it, with Broadband Expert’s complete collection of information on phone, TV, and high speed internet services.

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