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In our recently released SlapStart magazine we make the observation that many sites take the marketing approach of, “If you build it they will come.” We take this well known adage and modify it to fit the needs of the web today. Our revised version is, “If you build your marketing plan into your design, they will come.” This lesser known piece of business wisdom has been the key to many sites’ success.

What we mean by this is that sites are well served to provide opportunities for their users to share news about them to their network of friends. This holds so many benefits it’s hard to count them. At a high level, there’s no greater recommendation than that of a friend. On a very practical level, it provides a strong marketing stream which prevents your site from being left all alone- lost and forgotten. This may sound a little melodramatic, but getting traffic to one’s site is no easy chore.

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Providing a way for sites to find new friends, is Curebit. Curebit is an ecommerce referral system. It integrates with any online store and gives buyers the opportunity and incentive to refer their friends.

The first thing to know about Curebit is that it’s non intrusive. It’s only revealed to your users after they’ve made a purchase. Once they’ve placed their order Curebit does its part by presenting your new customer with the option to share their purchase with their friends. The incentive for them to do so is two fold. If a friend purchases then that friend gets a discount on their purchase. At the same time the referring friend gets a rebate once the friend purchases. It’s a win-win-win situation. With ever extra purchase you have two happy customers, and one happy site owner who just got a bonus customer.

The discounts are managed by the site owner. So let’s say someone owns a site that sells tumbleweeds. (Think we make this stuff up?) That particular site doesn’t happen to have a shopping cart, but maybe that’s because you can’t very easily put a tumbleweed in a shopping cart. Regardless, if it did have a normal shopping cart checkout system then they could add on the Curebit ecommerce referral system. Once an order is placed the buyer would have the opportunity to share their new purchase with their friends. They could then send it out to their friend circles via social networks including Twitter and Facebook. Before you know it they’ll have the most popular tumbleweed site on the web. (Actually, we think that already is the most popular tumbleweed site on the web, but that’s likely due to a complete lack of competition.)

On top of being able to manage discounts users have a full suite of reports and metrics so they can gauge the success of their discount programs. These include information on how many referrals were sent out, how many people clicked on them, how many of those converted to sales, and their personal social security number and other demographics to take out an offshore loan. (The last part is actually our idea, but could be a nice touch for the white collar criminal hobbyists amongst us.)

Curebit readily incorporates into all the major ecommerce solutions including Magento, Shopify, OpenCart and ZenCart. The installation process can take just minutes. A full list of sites they integrate with can be found here. Let’s say you’re one of those who didn’t want to use a prebuilt solution, so you built your own ecommerce solution from scratch. For this Curebit has an API so anyone can link their system in with it.

Getting your users to share information about your website is essential to the success of a website. With so many sites competing for the attention of users it’s hard to be heard. Curebit gives your users that voice and a reason to use it. There’s nothing like the carrot of being able to save a few dollars, all the while being able to brag about their new purchase. With Curebit, your ecommerce site will be the center of the party, making headlines on the social networks around the web.

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