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In recent years I’ve been somewhat of a regular in the gym. I’ve been pretty consistent about going two to three times a week, hitting the weights and cardio machines. Truth be told I more often do cardio outside, but you get the point. How can you go jogging in the gym when it’s so nice outside? While going about my normal exercise routine I finally got curious about the classes. You know, the step classes, or spin class. In my mind I always thought these were primarily geared for women. Then I went to one. After three minutes of boot camp class I was in agony. Ten minutes and I was staring at the clock watching the minutes drag on. I could barely walk the next day.

I stuck with it, but occasionally popped in on other classes as well. They became kind of like an addiction and I’d challenge myself to go more frequently. They also raised the bar on my workouts. As one guy put it, “You can’t do that to yourself.” What he meant was the encouragement and coaching of the instructor brought the workout to the next level.

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One thing about these classes is that the schedule changes every now and again. To keep everyone in the loop they pass out new schedules at the front desk so people can know about the latest updates. Occasionally the situation occurs where someone shows up at the wrong time or wrong place. Imagine thinking your heading to Turbo Kick Boxing only to find out that you have an hour of yoga in store. To be sure I enjoy yoga; it’s just very different from turbo kick.

Now there’s a way for businesses to maintain and update their schedules with a minimal amount of effort. dynOZ (found at dynoz.net) is a one stop solution for schedule maintenance. With it companies can manage both business hours and course schedules online and have the results displayed anywhere on the web.

There are two aspects to working with dynOZ. The simplest part is setting up and maintaining the schedule. It provides you a complete set of options including indicating your contact info, address, and various calendar sensitive schedules. So if operating hours change for a few months you can indicate that and have the schedule updated accordingly. The other aspect is setting up the integration. Here businesses can integrate their site using client side or server side technologies. They can also integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar and various CMSs. This includes Joomla , Drupal, and TYPO3. Essentially, the hours of operation can be configured to be displayed however and wherever you like.

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dynOZ is one of those products that seems surprisingly simple, but when you look closer it’s much more complex. Once it’s set up it allows you to update your website with no IT experience or programming knowledge required. The schedule can be propagated out to the web to different locations so that everyone is on the same page. It also accounts for changes and deviations so it’s always up to date.

Updating your business or course schedule can be a tedious job. At its worst it can involve editing HTML files or contacting a sysadmin to take care of it. dynOZ allows you to make all the necessary changes and updates through a simple online interface. Not only does it provide users with the ability to easily maintain their business hours and course schedules, it also allows them to propagate them out to the web. With it there will be no more need for people to hand out sheets of paper every time there’s a change in the schedule.

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