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Creating a form online is one of those things that’s fun the first time, kind of interesting the second, and just another development chore all the times after that. They largely consist of the same pieces of code. You have basic input boxes that select information. You collect the information, validate it, and pass it off to the server to process. There’s really nothing all that interesting about forms.

Despite the relatively innocuous impression they leave on those that build them, forms are critical conduits of information. They are the core of what makes the web interactive. Of course now that we live in an AJAXified world there are other more impressive means of gathering user input, but it all started with forms. No matter what new technologies are released, we’ll never get away from them.

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Providing a way to spare developers the nuisance of building yet another form, is EmailFormLogix. It is an easy to use email form builder that will let you capture all the information you like. Once collected, it emails it back to you when the form is submitted.

The way it works is pretty impressive. It has a fully featured WYSIWYG editor that allows you to build the form however you like. It’s based upon the same engine as the recently featured FormLogix. The main difference is that EmailFormLogix is designed specifically for those that want to email the form results upon completion.

When working with the editor you can add fields to the page such as text area, labels, containers, and so on. You can also adjust the attributes of each of these including font, color, and size. Once completed (which takes just a few minutes) you save your form, and then publish it. The publishing options include using a URL given to you by EmailFormLogix, or embedding the form anywhere you like. Impressively, it comes with both iFrame and Script code snippets giving you maximum flexibility when embedding. Let’s say you don’t have a web page and just want to collect information. For this case you can send out a link to the page’s unique URL on EmailFormLogix. Having a web page to direct people to makes you look much more professional than just asking them by email.

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EmailFormLogix is free to try out and test. You don’t even need to register actually. It lets you go right to the page, create the form, and submit it a few times as well. Really, submitting forms isn’t much more exciting than building them, but it’s nice to see it work once or twice. If you’d like to retain your form to email creations you can register for an account. They have a free trial, or you can register for less than a dollar a month. Given the ease with which forms are created and implemented this is well worth the nominal fee.

One of the secrets to success in business is optimizing and automating redundant tasks. Form building fits squarely into this category. EmailFormLogix gives you the ability to quickly and readily build an email form online. The editor is easy to use and gives you the granularity to adjust all the attributes you need. In a matter of minutes you can embed the form anywhere on the web, or send it out by email. With it, developers can get their form building tasks out of the way so they can focus on their more compelling design challenges.

In a case of one is better than two, EmailFormLogix joined up with its sister site FormLogix. The one has been rather successful proving once again that maintaining multiple domains is not the right way to go.

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