Emoinstaller: When words are not enough

Facebook is one of the most addictive websites on the web. People invest hours of their lives into reading posts, making updates, playing games, and connecting with the world around them. It has truly revolutionized the way we interact. Not only has it managed to draw in seasoned computer users but also internet newbies as well. I suspect that Facebook is the first social network many of its users ever joined.

For the seasoned internet users amongst us we quickly picked up on some of Facebook’s shortcomings. One of its largest is its chat interface. This minimal effort utility comes with a complete dearth of functionality and features. Missing from it are many common luxuries such as font formatting, stealth options, or an interesting set of emoticons. The first two I can live without. After all, I’ve never been the type to pick different fonts and colors for chat messages. And if I don’t feel like chatting at all then I can just as easily turn it off. But giving up smileys is like giving up the number one flirt tool of the internet. How else can you convey that you think someone is really awesome, cute, fun, or otherwise interesting? As an increasingly prolific writer I can say without a doubt, sometimes words are not enough.

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Answering the call for those who miss these colorful and sometimes animated pictures is Emoinstaller. They built a browser extension that readily integrates with Facebook and gives you the Facebook chat smileys that we’ve all been missing. With it, the little yellow faces can once again adorn our Facebook chat sessions adding texture and flavor to our conversations.

The way Emoinstaller works is fairly clever actually. First you download and install their utility. From there it works just like every other emoticon tool. When chatting you will have a toolbox of Facebook emoticons within the online chat interface. Just select the emoticon you’d like and send it within your message. On a technical level it installs browser extensions or addons which are compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. During the install you can select which browsers you’d like to access Emoinstaller’s Facebook chat smileys from.

The selection of Facebook smileys is as complete as any available on the internet. It weighs in at over 900 emoticons organized by category and size. For the smallest sized emoticons some of the categories include words, objects, cyclops, valentine, war, music, sport, and animals. There are also the standard emoticons that we’re all familiar with. As you increase the size you’ll find different categories such as summer, love, gangster, and on down the line. Many of the Facebook emoticons are animated. One of our favorites is diver under the summer category. (pictured below.) It serves as a reminder that summer is on the way; time to hit the beach!

Emoinstaller in Action!

In order for friends of yours to view the new and vastly improved Facebook chat smileys both people need to have Emoinstaller set up. This is fortunately no problem since it’s free, and so easy that even inexperienced computer users can figure it out. Users don’t need to know anything about browser extensions, Firefox addons or anything of that sort. They just need to know which browser(s) they most commonly access their Facebook account with. A word of caution though, emoticons in the hands of novice users can be a slight hazard. Before you know it all you’re looking at is a lengthy list of emoticons followed by, “Oh, did you see this one?”

Facebook has united the world online. It has introduced many to the culture of social networks with its picture sharing, event invites, and sharing of updates about people’s daily lives. It has all the bases covered except their chat utility. Emoinstaller does its part to fill the gap where Facebook left off with its best of brand Facebook smileys. With it you can finally enjoy a full set of emoticons during your Facebook chats.

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