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One of the beautiful parts about the web is that you can buy or sell just about anything. If I need new speakers, a car, house, a table, or even a big red paper clip, I can find it online. Or if I’m trying to get rid of my seventeen year old snowboard, I am sure to find a buyer online. All I need to do is list it on sites such as Craigslist or eBay.

When selling something it is best to display your article in the best possible light. As all marketers and sales people know, packaging and presentation go a long way in convincing people to make a purchase. Yet the current online tools don’t do a very good job at it. You’re largely limited to the design of the site you’re posting your product it in. Now there’s a way to create a separate dedicated sales page for any item you’d like to sell. ezyOffer.com is the simplest and most attractive way to sell stuff online.

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The first thing to know about ezyOffer.com is that it lives up to its name. It’s easy. You don’t need to register for an account, check your email to activate it, and then keep track of yet another username/password combination. To create a page, all you do is press the large create a page button. From there it takes you through a brief wizard and then creates the new page for you. It’s just that easy.

The five step setup wizard consists of Item Details, which includes item name and description. You can also leave a link to the manufacturer’s details page so people have access to more info on it. Next is Photos and Video. For these you can either upload photos or link to videos posted online. Then there’s the ever popular Payment and Shipping tab. The payment section lets you indicate your PayPal email address, MoneyBookers account, or Bank transfer info. You can also indicate if you’ll accept cash or check. There’s extra space for any other payment information should you need it. Shipping details can be entered into a free form text area. The next section is Contact Details which will accept multiple forms of communication ranging from email, phone, Facebook, Skype and other similar contact methods. Last but certainly not least is selecting the Page Layout. Here’s where ezyOffer.com allows you to choose the casing for your ready to sell product. They currently offer five slick designs that are bound to catch a buyer’s attention.

When the sales page is set up you can either preview it or click on the finish button. Once finished it assigns it a permanent ezyOffer.com URL, and gives you a Page ID and password. The latter two can be used to log in and make updates to the page. One common update is to check the ‘sold’ box so buyers know the product is no longer available. This prevents you from having to navigate to every place you posted the link to your item.

Curious to try out this new service I quickly put together my very own sales page, of sorts. As you’ll note I posted a lost and found page, in this case seeking some marbles that I seem to have misplaced. Sales pages can be used to advertise for free just about anything. From houses, to lost pets, to iPods- you can create a promotion page for all of them.

ezyOffer.com Layout Selection

Once the page is created you can then link it wherever you like. ezyOffer.com isn’t a classifieds website that you would browse for new items. It gives you a pristine page so you can advertise your item anywhere on the web. This includes posting it on Twitter, Facebook, email, any auction or classifieds site, forums, or anywhere else you’d like to place it.

The design options are particularly attractive. In some cases users may want a custom design or custom features though, such as if they’re selling a house or a particularly expensive piece of jewelry. For this you can contact ezyOffer.com and describe exactly what you need. They’ll quote you a price and create a custom page for your item.

ezyOffer is a perfect website. It does one thing, does it well, and it’s free. Creating new sales pages for items you’re selling takes a matter of minutes. This will give you an edge in finding a buyer and completing the transaction. With it, people can get an attractive design when selling items online.

ezyOffer is no longer easy, and is no longer and offer. But it was a great concept which we hope to see catch on one day.

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