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When leading companies make something new, people pay attention. For instance, because Adidas is known for making great shoes people are quick to buy their shirts and jackets as well. They’ve come to trust the quality and style of the Adidas name and expect the same out of other products. The same is true of vehicles, digital products, and just about everything we purchase. It’s known as a company’s brand and it’s built entirely on their reputation. Those who have delivered top quality products in the past are likely to do so in the future.

And so when I hear of a technology company that has a staggering eleven years of history in building quality products, I pay attention too. The company? Plum Voice. They’ve been building interactive voice response solutions (IVR) since the beginning of the millennium. These are the friendly recordings we hear when we dial customer support and press numbers on our phones to indicate our preferences. Almost all medium to large companies use them.

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IVR systems have many applications. They can be used to field and direct customer calls, monitor employee work schedules, or even manage clinical trials. Just about any time you have a group of people all needing to convey information and get feedback, an IVR system can be implemented. On their eleven year pilgrimage Plum found that their most requested product was custom enterprise IVR surveys. These are the types of calls you might get from your insurance company to gauge your satisfaction level. In fact after every major purchase it’s not uncommon to get an automated call. It makes for great customer support, gives the company information on their clients, and clients an opportunity to provide feedback.

Armed with their intimate knowledge of IVR systems and familiar with the customizations required for surveys, Plum built a universal survey solution. This solution takes the best of all the various survey options and provides them in a self service web application. With it you can build, test, and deploy your surveys within minutes. It comes to us as Floodlight, the new way to conduct customer surveys.

In a web full of entrepreneuring software developers, there are many online surveys tools out there. The beauty of Floodlight is that you have multiple options to deploy it. These include emailing it, sending it out on Facebook, or embedding it on a webpage. It also includes distributing it to smart phones, or most notably, collecting the information with your very own IVR system. The web based solutions are free; only the IVR integration is a paid service as phone calls are a hard cost.

The surveys themselves come with no less that seventeen options for different question types. These include the basics such as multiple choice, true false, and open ended questions. It also includes data checking questions such as zip code or phone number. As would be expected from a company with over a decade of experience in the field, they also provide a webservice query. This allows you to integrate your survey with your backend database. So let’s say you’re doing a free give away for the first 100 people who respond. You can track your inventory to provide only the first 100 people with information on how to receive their prize.

The survey configuration options are great and go well beyond the standard offerings in the marketplace, but IVR surveys are where Floodlight really stands out. Here all your questions are translated to a spoken survey. It adds the verbiage to guide your survey such as, “To enter yes, say, yes, or press one.” It then uses a text to speech system so everything you type will be converted to a friendly voice. There are many voices to choose from with various accents, languages, and genders. To make it even more personal you’re welcome to create your own recording of each prompt and upload them. The IVR integrations have the additional option to redirect to a different phone number. So if a user indicates they’re interested in additional products you can forward them to your sales team.

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Floodlight enters into the online survey world with a strong foundation. Their background in setting up enterprise IVR survey solutions gives them an edge that few others have. They’ve already conquered the enterprise world, now they’re extending their expertise to the broader marketplace. The ability to quickly create a professional and meaningful phone based survey is unprecedented. Floodlight is a ubiquitous survey solution that businesses of all sizes can use.

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