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All over the world people fall in love. It starts with a glance, or maybe a touch. Sometimes it begins with an excessively awkward and poorly thought out pick up line. However it happens, people pair off, get hitched, and begin a new life together. Of love and romance a thousand songs have been sung, and a thousand more will still be written. When all is well it makes people’s hearts soar and the world around them glow.

No sooner do the church bells stop ringing, does a cold and crushing reality descend upon the newly paired couple. As romantic as everything is and as perfectly arranged by whatever celestial forces they choose to believe in, there are some sobering realities about their relationship. That is, at its core, it’s just a rudimentary business partnership. Assets are shared, decisions require collaboration, and tasks are delegated amongst the team. Now, I’d really like to hear someone write a song about that!

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Managing one’s new found life together is an important task. In fact one of the keys to a long and healthy relationship is communication. Unfortunately many households don’t always do so effectively. One person may have all the financial information. The other may know the number for the vet. Then each might have their own separate credit cards and any number of other important pieces of information. Often these items end up in a folder somewhere and the other person won’t know where it is. The classic line is, “Honey, do you have the phone number for Dr. Franklin?” And off the other person goes to look it up.

Now there’s a single way to track all of your personal home records in a single location. It comes to us as a product branded as Matters of Fact, offered by Habitudes. Habititudes offers multiple products for household management including chore delegation tools, gift planers, and to-do lists. (Also known as the dreaded honey do lists.)

Matters of Fact is the not so sappy love song that tracks all the mundane details of your household. One of its verses is a serenade about needing to look up your spouse’s driver license number for a loan application. In more practical terms, it’s an easy way to place all the important legal, financial, medical, and related information in a central location. Once set up, it stores the info for safe keeping so each party can look it up at any time.

One of the best parts about Matters of Fact is that it serves as a thorough checklist of everything you might want to track. It includes anything from attorneys, birth information of everyone in the family, annuities, properties, retirement accounts, and gardeners. Not all fields need to be filled out but having such a complete list makes it so you’re unlikely to forget to add something important.

Once everything’s in place the only thing left to do is print it out. It readily formats all the info to a printer friendly format. The hard copy can then be placed in a central location where both people can access it.

Matters of Fact birth entry page

The reality is many couples complement each other when it comes to administrative tasks. One person is often the organizer and the other may not care about those types of details. Matters of Fact is perfect for this situation as the person who’s always having to look things up can direct their spouse to the household log. It’s also useful for emergencies when people outside the core family unit need to step in and look up important information. By storing your data online it’s protected from hackers, fire, natural disasters or personal computer problems.

Being prepared for life’s ups and downs can greatly reduce the amount of stress on everyone. Matters of Fact is a simple yet powerful tool to do so. We’re still not sure if we can turn it into a love song. But without it, you’re bound to be singing something along the lines of, “I’ve lost everything I’ve ever loved.”

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