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All across the world people go about the standard routine of their lives. They go to work, talk to the same people, and follow the same basic ritual as the previous day. Although when put in those terms it sounds like a bad thing, there’s something helpful about having a routine. It keeps us on track, gives us a sense of normalcy, and ensures we keep up with all of life’s responsibilities.

Eventually though people start to feel the itch. They need to get out, breath fresh air again and experience something new. There’s nothing like climbing a rock you’ve never climbed before, or riding your mountain bike in a foreign country. Sometimes having a completely out of the ordinary experience is exactly what you need. It can rejuvenate your mind and body and make everything seem new again.

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To assist with this, many adventure sports providers have cropped up. It’s a specialized section of the travel sector that focuses on activity based vacations. These are sports for someone who’s worn a tie and polished shoes one too many days in a row. Or for those who are tired of their normal gym routine and just need to get out. I once came across one such provider. Someone was promoting their mountain biking trip through Italy. For a few minutes they had me dreaming of biking all across the Italian countryside. It’s not hard to get captured by the allure of such trips.

Finding an adventure trip that suits your needs just got a whole lot easier. Kumutu is a new aggregator of all the adventure sports on the web. It’s an easy to search portal to locate your next off the wall crazy outdoor excursion.

Kumutu derives its name from a language of Suriname, known as Saramaccan. For those who don’t know where Suriname is, it’s the smallest country in South America. Kumutu means, “to get out there.” And so Kumutu helps you get out there by providing you multiple ways to find exactly the adventure you’re looking for. Finding activities is pretty easy. First is using a basic search feature. So you can search on scuba diving and find all the adventure offers around the world to dive. You can also filter based upon activity, country and date range. It also includes two map and location options. The first is where you start by picking the continent you’d like, and then the country. If you’d like more granularity, you can also browse activities by specific location on a map. This is a Google Map with pinpoints of the exact location of all the outings. Whatever method you use, finding the right adventure is exceptionally easy.

The vast majority of users will use Kumutu to find adventure sport providers. The real power behind Kumutu is for the operators though. See, Kumutu was built by some pretty clever folks. They built a full suite of tools for Adventure operators to integrate with their site. This allows them to easily promote and manage their adventure quests via Kumutu. It’s part of Kumutu’s goal of becoming a global distribution system for all adventures offered on the web.

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Not wanting to limit their activities to strictly inbound information, Kumutu also built an API that anyone can access. So if I’d like to build a mini Kumutu site then I can. Or a more commonly travel sites can integrate with it and offer Kumutu’s adventure packages on their sites. It allows you to use Kumutu as strictly a booking and reservation engine. There’s nothing like sprucing up your website with some adventure sports offerings.

Going on a sporting adventure can be an absolute blast. It takes you out of the normal routine and gets you into the outdoors. It’s healthy and nice to feel the adrenaline rush as you ascend a mountain, dive into the depths, or whatever it is your heart desires. One thing’s for sure, some of your fondest memories in life can be made on such adventures. With Kumutu, you’re one step closer to getting there.

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