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Brand recognition is one of the most important parts about forming a company. To be successful a company’s name, tagline, and logo needs to find their way into the minds of the general public. There are many strategies to accomplish this. From advertisements, viral videos, and other promotion efforts, companies are constantly vying to increase their visibility. To this end longevity and exposure are the two basic principles of marketing.

But before you begin lengthy and often costly marketing campaigns you first need to define your brand. It starts with coming up with a company name and tagline. Once those are established the final piece is to create a corporate logo. These logos will come to symbolize everything the company represents. A fun exercise is to show a group of people a series of logos and have them identify the company and taglines. Most people don’t realize how embedded into our psyche these have become. In the process of creating a corporate logo design large companies do extensive market research before settling on a final design. They receive prototypes from multiple designers, submit them to test groups, and follow an iterative cycle until it’s perfected. It can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Small companies will often hire a single designer, pay them a couple hundred dollars, and see what they come up with. This hit or miss strategy is cheaper, but can also be much more costly. By not having a logo that enters into the consumer’s mind their business will suffer or fail.

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Now there’s a way for businesses to have their logos designed with the same process used by large corporations at a much more economical price. Logolance is a new site that contains a collection of designers as well as a proprietary interface that will step you through a complete logo design process. It makes getting a top logo design simple and affordable.

The way it works is pretty impressive. You register for an account and post your project along with a budget. Within hours designers within Logolance’s network will contact you. From there you can review each of their portfolios, biographies, and ratings, and then select your team of designers. To initiate the project you then submit a 25% deposit brokered by Logolance. The remainder will be paid upon project completion.

There are three basic packages that can be purchased. The first is a package that’s geared toward start-ups. It includes the ability to work with one designer. Once you select them you can communicate with them directly to iteratively build and review the design. This package also currently comes with a promotion where you get access to the market research module (more on that below). The next option is for small businesses, which lets you select a team of designers and also gives you access to premium support. The team will each submit concept designs and you can select the one you prefer. Last is corporate branding which gives you access to the top 5% of Logolance’s designers, along with customized project processes. Logolance will work with you directly to implement a design and research process that fits the specific needs of your projects. Prices range from $900 for start-ups to $10K for the corporate branding package.

The market research module is particularly interesting. This is where a series of sample designs are presented to other users so they can indicate their preference. An example can be found here.

Market Research Demo

Establishing ones brand and identity is an important part of building a business. A single image will come to represent the entirety of your work, the breadth of your product offering, and the quality of your service. It’s one of the key steps to building a business and building a brand. Many companies don’t take the time to do so, which could one day prove to their detriment. As proof of this, I submit to you exhibit A at the top left of the page. Behold, our very own last minute logo. (It’s not really a logo actually, just Arial font with a fancy underline.)

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