Music Lunge: A rockstar’s paradise

For those who are attentive to the social networking world they know that Facebook is now number one. They also know that MySpace used to be number one, and now is not. Although MySapce’s site has never looked better, their ability to maintain a dwindling user base is limited. As of this writing, over the past twelve months they’ve lost over half their traffic. Things are not looking good for the kind folks at MySpace.

One reason why they were able to hang on so long was that they cornered the online music market. All bands both internationally known and yet to have left the garage, had a MySpace band page. If they did not have one then they weren’t considered a real band. Being in the music world and having a MySpace page were one and the same. Thus, the rapid deterioration of the premier place for bands to hock their wares has left an enormous void. As of this writing there is no single ubiquitous site for bands to go. Entering this space in the music social networking playing field, is Music Lunge.

Music Lunge Home

Music Lunge* is a social networking site for music lovers. Bands can utilize music distribution networks, and fans and enthusiasts can check out new music. For bands they offer three core services. These include digital distribution services, news distribution, and music video distribution. So once you have your songs recorded and ready to distribute Music Lunge can get it in the hands of major retailers. These include iTunes, Rhapsody, AmazonMP3, and others. Also included are associated international stores. To see how the digital distribution system works, check out the diagram below.

The news distribution takes advantage of their network of media contacts. You can provide press releases and distribute them to major channels including SF Gate, MSNBC, and Yahoo News. The video distribution service is unique in that it’s for those that are looking to get paid for their music video views and sells. For many bands the art of making music is more of a recreational activity. It doesn’t really cull windfall profits for most people. Who are we kidding, making money in the music field is typically relegated to the upper echelons of the industry. With Music Lunge they open up multiple opportunities for your music to bring in some profit.

On top of the basic services Music Lunge offers a video email service, contests, music consulting, and their top 10 video count down. There are a lot of ways to be seen and heard on Music Lunge. The music consulting is getting advice from insiders in the music industry. It’s a tough market to break into so the more you know about it the better.

At the end of the day, succeeding in the music field has a lot to do with connections. If you’re connected to the right people then your music might have a chance to be heard. Music Lunge’s is geared to connect you to managers, marketing and promotion agents, editors, publishers, record labels, attorneys, producers and many more important people in the industry. Signing up is free for both fans and artists and some of the additional services are fee based.

Music Lunge's Digital Distribution

Making it in the music world is like finding gold. Most who set out to do so don’t find anything. They enjoy the journey and have a great time, but end up getting a day job to pay the bills. Music Lunge is a site to change this age old paradigm and give budding musicians the tools they need to monetize their talent. With it, artists can give their music the chance to be heard and discovered.

* The Lunge part of their name comes from their ability to lunge your music forward, per their tagline.

Music Lunge was one ‘P’ short of becoming Music Plunge. Somewhere along the way that ‘P’ came to town, sending them off the cliff.

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