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Everybody gets a ton of email offers to buy various things. These range from coupons, to discounts, to more absurd offerings that float around the web. Each of us in our own way has learned how to filter these. Either we rapidly delete them or allow our email service to weed them out for us. It’s not very common that we find an unexpected email in our inbox that actually is an interesting deal.

But shopping is an important part of our lives. We need clothes, electronics, books, and vacations. When buying these we’re all somewhat familiar with how to research them. Just go to Google, type in whatever you’re looking to buy, and see how much it costs at various outlets. Some people are much better at shopping than others though. I have one friend who knows the cheapest way to buy the best stuff. It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about- a trip to Florida, a vacation to Mexico, new shoes, or a tie. She knows where to get it and at the lowest price.

Now, I need to qualify what I mean when I say I have this friend. What I really mean is I had a friend who then got married and her fiancĂ©, now husband, ousted me from their life. Relationally, this left me in a place where I henceforth invest very little effort in opposite sex platonic relationships. (Not that I’m bitter or anything.) This still leaves me with the problem that I lost my best shopping advisor though. Until now.

My Personal Shopper (found at is a site that will replace my lost friend by providing meaningful shopping deals, discounts, and promo codes for things that I’m interested in. The way it works is simple. First you register, then it will send you a couple emails a week which include items you may be interested.

The key to using My Personal Shopper is in the set up. It gives you an ultra brief questionnaire and your responses consist of selecting the categories that are of most interest to you. So it begins with the good stuff- food. Here you can select whether you like Italian, Asian, European, Bars and Clubs, and so on. Next up are clothes, which includes all the usual suspects- Macy’s, Gap, Old Navy, Express, etc. The last selection is favorite stuff. This is divided by sub categories of Electronics, Home, Health and Beauty, Sport and Fitness, and Activities and Events. Under each of those are a series of options from which you can choose. Each section limits how many options you can select and also includes an open field if your preferred option isn’t listed. After making you’re selections it brings you to a final page where you enter your name, email, and some demographic info, and then you’re done.

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Once registered the emails will come just a few times a week and only when they have offers that are in your areas of interest. Whether you purchase or not these offers will be for discounted rates providing you valuable insight into how much you should expect to pay for various items. If you decide you don’t want to receive emails any longer you can unsubsubscribe whenever you like. To sign up again you can always re-register.

Having a friend who’s in the know can be helpful when buying new items. In my case, my best shopping friend left the building leaving me in a state of confusion when it comes to shopping. My Personal Shopper is a great first line of defense so you won’t spend more money than I need to. It brings the deals to you so that you don’t have to go looking for them. With it, even those of us who need a little help with shopping can buy things at discounted rates.

My Personal Shopper took a turn for the worse. They became My Impersonal Server Error. But it was a nice service while it lasted.

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