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Running a business starts with one thing- sales. Without sales you have nothing. You have a product that sits on the shelves. A staff that plays Minesweeper all day. A morale that sags like a cloud full of rain. There’s nothing better than being in an office when sales are booming. And there’s nothing worse than being in one when things are slow. When sales are down, it’s painfully obvious. It creates a somber atmosphere that permeates throughout the office.

On how to increase sales has been written an ocean of books. Accompanying these are no shortage of presentations that have been offered on the subject. It’s kind of an amusing irony that the top sales people sell sales instructional services. It’s kind of a meta industry though helpful in many ways. This industry revolves solely around the technique and process of cultivating a prospect into a client. In it you can learn everything from handling objections to learning how to close more deals. Like all things though, you need the right tools for the job. In fact every communication with a prospect is an opportunity to assuage their objections and win their long term business. One of the most important of these is the proposal process. Here is where you outline exactly what you’re selling and how much it costs. It’s where the money is made, or lost. To be successful at it you need every edge and advantage you can find. You need sales proposal software.

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One of the top proposal management software solutions is Quote Roller (found at quoteroller.com). Quote Roller is a service that handles all aspects of the proposal process. It gives you the ability to professionally and confidently propose new business and bring on new customers.

As anyone who’s sent our proposals knows, it can be a redundant process. Oftentimes you include similar information on all quotes. To address this Quote Roller is a template based system. You can create templates that have your branding, company information, and other boiler plate text so that it will serve as a base for all your proposals. Once you select the template you can fill in the details specific to that particular proposal, including the prospect you’re sending it to. You can then add the products, services, or subscriptions that you’re selling. Similar to the templates, you can store all the information about your company offerings so they can readily be selected for other proposals. From there you review and send out the quote. They can be sent either online or exported to PDF.

The client will receive a neatly organized proposal with sections outlined as Overview, About, Scope, Fees, Terms, and How to accept. If sent online they have the option to indicate their acceptance on the proposal page. It’s always nice when  client accepts a quote straight away, but most of us know that the proposal process is often iterative. To accommodate this Quote Roller provides the ability to carry on discussions with prospective clients until the terms are agreed upon. You also have the ability to track the prospects activities. This is useful to determine if they’ve viewed it yet or how many times. This would be exceptionally useful since you have a feel for when would be a good time to check in with them again.

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Getting sales is important to keeping a business going. As such, using top business proposal software is essential to managing the process. Quote Roller can give you an edge in the sales process. It’s a fast and easy way to create, track, and send proposals. With it, businesses can present a professional front to prospective clients and close more sales.

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