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A funny thing about human nature is how we’re able to rationalize things. Although people won’t spend $20 for a pair of socks they might buy them if they’re $30 socks with a $10 discount. It’s in our nature to buy products for less than what we perceive them to be worth. This stems from each of ours desire to preserve our assets.

Retailers and stores all around the world have figured this out as well. Thus, the sale was born. There’s nothing like a sale to get customers in the door ready to make a purchase. For many the opportunity to buy something at a reduced price is an irresistible indulgence they can’t pass up.

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The next question becomes how to find out about ongoing sales. Many people look through leaflets they find in the mail. Others listen on the radio or search online. Oftentimes sales are time sensitive and have limited stock. Being there first can be important.

Now there’s a nationwide local retail sales finder that has America’s largest collection of in-store sale information- SaleLocator. It’s the ultimate resource for those that are drawn to those red tags and huge discounts.

Working with SaleLocator is easy. By default it sets your location based upon your IP address. It then displays sales local to you. So in my case the home page consists of sales for Walgreens Pharmacy, Ace Hardware, and the ever important GNC store. (Pictured below.) Each entry including information on where the sale is, how far it is from you, and how many items are for sale. By clicking on the link it brings up a page specific for that sale. Here you can see each item that’s for sale and for how much. It gives you all the information you need to decide whether you want to make the trip to the store. In my case the ‘trip’ consists of going a quarter mile up the road. Living in the city has some great benefits. Regardless of how far you’re going, SaleLocator is integrated with Google Maps so you can get directions.

There are many other ways to search for sales. These include browsing by high level categories such seasonal sales. Currently these include Easter, Mother’s Day, and Spring. Then there’s the ever popular Hot Sales category which consists of the largest discounts. Also listed is local mall info so you can search sales within a network of stores. Beyond that sales are also categorized so you can sift through sections such as furniture sales, groceries, or home & garden. Of course when all else fails you can always use the good old fashion search tool. So if you’re looking for a discount on power cords so your laptop doesn’t fry (I’m talking hypothetically here, of course), then you can search for it directly. SaleLocator is the most thorough shopping search engine on the web.

Sale Locator GNC sale

If you’d like you can share a sale with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or email. This can go a long way in getting them interested in going shopping with you. If you’d like to save your searches or specific sales then you can do so by registering via Facebook or Twitter. For casual users there’s no need to register though. All the information you need is readily accessible online. Notably, it’s also available as an iPhone app so you can see what local in-store sales are happening wherever you are. The location can be adjusted manually if you’re interested in checking a different area.

Buying things for the cheapest price possible is important for maintaining one’s assets. It’s also fun. SaleLocator is the definitive resource for those that are always seeking the latest deals. With it shoppers can find local retail sales for just about anything they’re looking for.

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