Vidcinity: Video Augmented Reality

Geolocation is the new buzzword of the internet. It refers to when you identify the physical location of real world items or people. In practical terms it means you can find out what’s happening and where. A related buzzword is augmented reality. This is where you contribute extra information to someone’s real life experience. So let’s say you’re touring Paris and chance upon a huge tower. I believe there’s one tall obtrusive structure there which the French originally disdained. When you come upon this now national landmark what you’ll find are tons of tourists, and about twice as many cameras. Now let’s say when standing beneath this tall, but otherwise pointless structure, you’re able to bring up a wealth of information about it. This could include its height, history, or interesting facts. Your reality has now been augmented based upon geolocation information.

This may sound complicated at first, but it’s actually rather simple. For instance, imagine being able to record videos and associating them with a specific place. Then someone else comes to that same location and is able to watch your video. You have now entered the world of augmented reality. You have also entered the realm of Vidcinity, an iPhone app that provides exactly this service.

Vidcinity Home

Vidcinity is an iPhone and iPad app (android port is pending), that let’s you record videos and assign them to a specific location. At the same time, it’s a fun tool to view other people’s videos as you explore new places in the world. The way it works is simple. First you register for an account. Once registered, you download the free app and begin exploring locations. Since the iPhone is a natural geolocating device, it will tell you what videos are available in your area. You can then select them and check out what entertaining or educational clips people have left behind. If you are receiving too many or too few results you can adjust the search radius accordingly.

Once you become familiar with checking out other people’s videos the time will likely come when you chance upon something that truly inspires you. It’s time to contribute your own video. This can be done simply by recording the video and uploading it. If you don’t happen to have access to wifi at the time then you can upload your video later on. The video will be pinned to the exact location of where it was taken. Since it’s strictly latitude and longitude based Vidcinity is a ubiquitous solution that can be used for all purposes. People can take videos while at a restaurant as well as anywhere else they happen to be.

There’s one important note worth observing about Vidcinity, and iPhone apps at large. For some reason a great percentage of iPhone application websites have what can only be described as phenomenal website designs. I don’t know whether it’s part of some kind of global mobile application conspiracy, or just a random coincidence, but you can tell right away when a site is for a mobile application. Vidcinity’s site is no different as it’s both creative and incorporates site content with the background design. The fun stuff is primarily at the bottom, which contains a stream of the latest videos, a Facebook like widget, as well as a clever sign up button. It’s all encased in a pleasant downtown setting.

Vidcinity iPhone Screenshot
Vidcinity iPhone Screenshot

Augmented reality has been making its entrance into our daily lives in numerous ways. From car navigation systems, to a variety of mobile applications, it’s relatively easy to learn more information about a place as you go about your travels. Vidcinity is a fun and intriguing way augment your reality by sharing and watching location based videos. It gives you a perspective on an area that you couldn’t get in any other way. Whether you’re at the bar down the street, or the Eiffel tower in Paris, with Vidcinity you can share experiences in a new and fun way.

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