CampaignCog: Taking the email marketing world by storm

It’s amazing how sending emails has revolutionized business. In my latest real job we received so much email it was dizzying. Five minutes would go by and twenty emails would pop into your box, many of which demanded immediate and thought out attention. Meetings were flush with people pounding away on their Blackberries sifting through the deluge of information. It was a truly heroic effort to withstand the onslaught of requests and queries, of which only a few were able to.

Not everybody lives in an email-tropolis, but it affects most people throughout their day to day work. Unless you’re one of those people that work away from a computer email is likely a major form of communication on a daily basis. Many of us use it to stay in contact with customers. As such, it’s immensely helpful to know if clients have received, opened, and read your emails. This can give you an indication of when to follow up with them and if they valued what you had to say. Most people never attempt to track these things and let the chips fall where they do.

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CampaignCog is a tool that gives you insight into your email campaigns. By embedding a small piece of code into your HTMLized emails you can track a number of stats and email analytics from your customers. It will tell you anything from whether your emails have been read to where in the world your recipients happened to read it.

Working with CampaignCog is easy. First you register for a free account. From there you can create trackers for each separate email campaign you’re running. You can name the campaign, indicate the number of subscribers, and give it a start date. It also has the option to integrate with popular mail programs such as MailChimp or the unforgettable Mad Mimi. Once the tracker is configured it provides you a snippet of code and a few instructions on where to place it (in the body section of your HTML code).

Once it’s set up you can begin your campaign and start tracking the results. These results include how often your emails were opened, forwarded, or deleted and whether people read, skimmed, or glanced at them. You can also gather information about what email client they’re using, where they are, and what browser they’re using. All the information appears readily in your results page in graphical and numeric form. You’re able to adjust the distinction between read, skimmed, and glanced at based upon how many seconds the email has been opened.

Campaign Cog Results

CampaignCog is currently free while it’s in beta mode. Users can currently track as many emails as they like with as many campaigns as they like. Intriguingly, they have a few developments coming down that pipeline that sound interesting. First is their API which is due out any day now. This will allow people to programmatically integrate with CampaignCog and their results. Some time after that will be enhanced tracking reports for better data visualization and filtering. And then even broader on the horizon is an email marketing app so you can send emails from within their framework. It’s clear that CampaignCog is intent on taking the email marketing world by storm.

Sending emails to clients is a task many of us partake in. The more information you can glean from your customer’s response the better. With CampaignCog you can gauge the effectiveness of your email campaigns quickly and easily. And with the upcoming fully featured email marketing tool, I do believe we have a new player in the email marketing sector. Given the well designed nature of their beta offering I expect they’ll take a noticeable chunk of the market.

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    Worth checking out also, is )
    We have an API available for heavy emailers, in addition to a front-end UI for emailers using a variety of different ESPs. We also give exact second count for many mail clients, in addition to providing the most accurate open and engagement time data in the email industry.

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