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The economy’s down, and it has been for a while. Whereas normally people are content to go to their jobs and be disgruntled with their work, now they have no job to complain about whatsoever. There’s no boss to dislike, no coworkers to be annoyed with, and no impending deadlines to create anxiety and impede one’s social schedule. Some might say that these are actually good things. But except for the independently wealthy not being employed comes with the stress of bills, rent, and financial obligations. For many it’s best to keep looking for work in hopes of joining the ranks of working stiffs.

To make matters worse, we’re entering into graduation season. Into the workforce will come the world’s best and brightest individuals full of idealistic dreams just waiting to be crushed. If their job searches are successful soon they’ll learn about the cold hard realities of their life long ambitions. Just as salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs in a last act of life, so new grads approach the job market. They aren’t concerned with the fact that their bodies will soon litter the forest and rivers providing fertilizer, nutrients, and sustenance for the greater cycle of life. They will have completed their life’s goal, in so doing passing the baton to the next generation. In wildlife this ritual is abetted by a whole lot of swimming and avoiding things trying to eat you. In real life it consists of suits, ties, pantsuits, hand shakes, and resumes.

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Business attire has changed little over time. In some localities it’s become less formal, but for interviews it’s still largely the same. The resume however has taken many transformations. Back in my yesteryears I recall doing such crazy things as mailing them out, faxing them, or even dropping them off in person. This may come as a shock to some, but I still own some of the original “resume paper” I bought when I first graduated. This 24 pound paper’s main purpose is to convince someone that all the previous years of my life are worth a little bit more due to the thickness of the paper. It’s amazing the silly rituals people go through in order to find gainful employment.

Fortunately, new grads have a wealth of new options available to them when it comes to putting together their resume. One of the easiest of these is CVStash. CVStash is a site that allows you to create an online resume portfolio. Once created you can either email it out or print it. It’s the perfect solution for those who are engaged in a job search.

Working with CVStash is easy. You can register for an account, enter all the information that might normally appear on your resume, and save it. From there you’re given a permanent link which can be included in your emails to potential employers. They can browse your qualifications online, or print it out if they wish.

The categories of information include Profile, Contact Info, and Entries. Profile is somewhat akin to a cover letter. It includes your name, title, a quick overview about yourself, and a summary of your professional experience. Contact Info includes all the typical address, phone, and email info along with other forms of contact such as Skype or IM. You can fill out as many fields as you like. And finally are the Entries. Each entry represents a position, role, or degree that comprises your professional experience and qualifications. Each entry can be categorized as work, education, or personal and includes start and end dates, titles, descriptions, and related info.

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And that’s it! Once set up your resume is online and ready to go. Other than being easy to use, the best part about CVStash is it’s free. So if you set it up now and in a couple year are looking for a new job, you can add a new entry for your latest work experience and you’re ready to go.

Looking for a job is tough. CVStash makes preparing your resume easy so you can focus on the other aspects of your job search. And for those who are fortunate enough to land a position in the corporate world, remember the plight of the salmon. Sometimes all your efforts will be a sacrifice for the greater good.

I suspect I may not be invited to speak at any graduation ceremonies any time soon.

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