Evly: The Power of the Crowd

People working together can be a powerful thing. What can take one person a week to accomplish, a group of people can finish in an afternoon. One of the clearest examples of this is when someone moves. A group of ten people, armed only with pizza and beer, can quickly clean out an apartment and relocate it across town in a matter of hours. If someone’s stuck doing it alone they’d be moving for weeks. Or then there are clubs that get together for a common goal. Say a group of bikers are looking for places to go on the weekends. They will have a series of issues that need to be collectively discussed and decided. Where should they go? What will they eat? Who’s in charge of bike repair? These questions and more, will come up as your group prepares their weekly trips.

The current method for resolving such issues is to send emails or call them on the phone. Decisions are often made by a select few, if nothing else for simplicity’s sake. There’s got to be a better way to accomplish this. Well, there is. And it comes to us as Evly. Evly is a free crowdsourcing tool that allows you to harness the power of groups to do just about anything.

Now, first a little background on crowdsourcing. It’s the new way to accomplish tasks online. Companies both large and small are figuring out that they can break down large tasks and distribute the smaller pieces to larger groups. In so doing they can get work done quicker, faster, and in many cases, better. Most of the time companies work with consultant style crowdsourcing firms who design custom solutions for their problem. Now back to Evly, they take a different tactic to crowdsourcing. They allow anyone to set up their task, (called challenges), and then people can join to participate.

Since Evly is a flexible tool it can be used in a number of ways. To create your crowdsourcing site all you must do is pick a name, theme, template, make a few customizations, and then you’re done. From there you can share the page with your network of friends or promote it to the general masses on Evly’s network. You can create any number of challenges. Amongst these are simple questionnaires, requests to upload photos or video, or surveys. There’s an easy to use wizard to assist in the creation of the challenges.

One example is the site set up for the Crowdsortium Symposium held at Google’s Global headquarters. Once you get to the site you have to join it in order to participate. It’s as simple as clicking the Join button. Here you can find a number of challenges including a list of all the speakers with associated rankings. When you click on them you’ll find the option to engage the speaker by asking them a question. This challenge was designed to take place before the actual event so that the speaker could respond to it. Since those challenges were completed new challenges were added, including general comments and submit your photos from the conferences. And so the lifecycle of Evly’s crowdsourcing tool continues, adding new challenges as you go.

Crowdsortium Symposium Challenge

Part of the nature of crowdsourcing is the offering of payment. This is entirely left up to the discretion of the person who sets ups of the specific site. Offers may include discounts, merchandise, or money. Many of the challenges are simple and fun and people will be happy to participate on their own.

Evly is a recently launched still in beta mode start-up. In the future they plan premium services for white label sites so clients can conduct their crowdsourcing programs with their own branding. Whatever the problem, groups of people can often handle it much better than individuals. Evly opens up the crowdsourcing market to the rest of us so we can begin to enjoy the power of the crowd.

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