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International phone calls have historically been amongst the most expensive telecommunication connections available. The most remote nations would cost more than a dollar per minute to call, not to mention a series of surcharges for the privilege of the connection. Anyone who’s traveled knows the hazards of calling people internationally. The phone calls have typically been short check-ins focusing only on the most important details and summaries of one’s well being.

With the advent of the internet this of course has changed. What used to put a huge dent in your monthly budget has become free. With Skype and other utilities people just need a computer and internet connection and they can talk to anyone in the world. This has greatly alleviated the stress with making long distance calls. All you need to do is schedule a time to talk and then you can talk all you want.

FlyNumber Home

Sometimes it’s not feasible to have people contact you with an internet call. If you’re in a country where internet access isn’t as common then it’s harder to schedule for. Or maybe you’re trying to establish a business. They almost invariably need a local number so people can call to place their orders. Although the internet has progressed quite a bit, there are some instances where only an old fashion phone call will do.

Now there’s a way to get local phone numbers in countries throughout the world, with FlyNumber. It’s a service that let’s you secure a phone number and then forward the calls to a variety of options on your end. With it people can maintain a professional international image without running up huge phone bills.

Setting up FlyNumber is easy. First you select which country you’d like the number to be in. This is straightforward enough, with numbers starting in the $3 per month range. Once you pick the country then you can select the service you’d like it to be forwarded to. As reflected in the graphic below these include Skype, Google Talk, landlines, mobile phones, or VoIP solutions. Landlines and mobile phones cost additional per minute rates, all the other options are free. The rates vary per country and with many in the 25 cent per minute range. Given the convenience of being able to talk with someone across the world this is very reasonable.

So let’s say you run a tourism service and would like to offer packages for visitors in Cyprus. You can register for a number there which happens to cost just over $6 per month. Once the number is set up you can put it on your website and other marketing materials so people can contact you. Then, when you’re lounging beachside in the Caribbean, you can field the calls. These can come straight to your computer or whatever phone service you choose.

How FlyNumber Works

FlyNumber is a dynamic solution for businesses, friends, and family alike. It’s ideal for close friends or relatives living abroad. You can use it to set up a direct line so it’s easy to call them. That way you can communicate with them directly instead of having to schedule all your calls.

Having an international number is not only a useful convenience but also a sign of prestige. It tells people that you have connections in another part of the world. Whatever the purpose, FlyNumber is a cost effective and easy way to set up local numbers throughout the world.

  • Nader

    Great write up, thanks.

    If anyone has questions you can direct them to [email protected]

  • annonn

    not satisfy with service.. taking long long time setup each did number… prices are cheap but service is not good.. -10/4

  • Nick

    Hello “annonn” ,

    We have since undergone some major upgrades, its a much quicker process now. Email me your username and I’ll send you a number for free.


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