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Many people in the world long and hope to be in love. They want that feeling of connection, completion, and togetherness. When things are going well, romance can be the bounce in your step, and the sparkle in your eye. It makes everything seem a bit brighter in a world that can sometimes be filled with gloom. Yet for many, that endearing connection is a fleeting dream. As espoused by a slightly cynical pundit, “6.8 billion people in the world, and no one to call.” Between the steady advance of our industrialized society, and the demise of arranged or shotgun marriages, people don’t seem to be able to find someone to love anymore.

Attempting to fill this void is the ever growing online dating industry. These services each come with their own methods of connecting the single people in society. Yet somehow or another people still miss each other. Perhaps it’s the large amount of work it takes to meet someone interesting online. Maybe the methods for introduction aren’t as constructive as they could be. Some of the more popular of these sites promote having an affair as the epiphany of dating experience. And you wonder why people are so disconnected!

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Taking a positive slant to online matchmaking is InboxCupid. It’s a new site that takes all the work out of online dating. InboxCupid provides the easiest way ever to meet new singles. You simply enter your email address and new prospects will be emailed to you. This daily date service will select people from your same city who may be of interest. Profiles consist of a picture and answers to five brief questions. If you’re interested you can contact them and see if they’re that person who will go on to be someone special in your life.

The basic service with InboxCupid is the date of the day emails. But then, what about those who are the dates? What if you’d like to be a date yourself? As it turns out, that’s the idea. To become a date presented to other prospects you can sign up to be a featured date. By doing so you ensure your profile ends up in the inbox of would be suitors or maidens. Of particular interest are the questions. When you create your featured date profile you can select up to five questions and then provide your answers. Many of them are fairly normal get to know you type questions. These include what you do for work, where you’re from, or what you do for fun. Then there are a few questions that are a little more random such as whether you like beer, or how you like your steak cooked. Then, there’s one question of note, which asks whether you would more enjoy an intimate encounter with a cactus or a stingray! For my own profile I had no choice but to select this one, and for my answer I said that it’s for that very reason I choose I life of celibacy. I’ve dated enough women who resembled both a cactus AND a stingray to want to encounter the real thing. The metaphors are all too fitting.


So, let’s say you wake up one day and check your email and find a date that’s particularly intriguing. To respond it’s just 99 cents to send the first email. From there, the Romeo’s and Juliet’s of the world can whisk away into a paradise of courtship. InboxCupid’s role is strictly to provide the introduction.

Finding someone special can be challenging. People go from dating site to dating site looking for love. They are introduced to friends, and then friends of friends- anybody who’s single. For those who still find themselves alone, InboxCupid is a great way to help with the search. With its daily emails, it’s like the groupon for dating. Although, when you’re out on the first date or two with your new sweet heart, I don’t necessary recommend calling them that. Flowers will probably take the relationship a whole lot further. That’s just a tip from someone who might be tempted to refer to their new friend as the InboxCupid discount special. And I wonder why girls sometimes end up seeming like cacti.

InboxCupid was devoured, no doubt, by a flush of Chinese ducks in its effort to find true love. Needless to say, the ducks quickly overpowered them leaving InboxCupid in a state of disrepair.

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