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Twitter has taken the internet by storm. Behind its terse messages and storied history is a powerful marketing tool. Internet marketers have learned how to utilize its system of tweets and retweets to establish their brand online. It’s provides an entire ecosystem of buzz and is something companies can use to their advantage.

Managing one’s Twitter account can take a lot of work though. It requires monitoring when someone mentions your site and thanking them for their mentions of you. It also entails ensuring your twitter stream has a variety of activity and isn’t just a deluge of the same content all day. Now there’s a solution to help with all of this- iTweetLive. It’s a social engagement tool that automates many of steps in making the most of your Twitter presence.

Not surprisingly, to register for iTweetLive you need to log in with your Twitter account. This gives them unfettered access to your account which is necessary for the service to work. They can read tweets, see your followers, and send out tweets as well. The Manage Searches page is the brains of how your Twitter presence is managed. Two basic searches are included by default. One for occurrences of “RT @YourBrand” and the other for instances of your brand along with a thank you. Each search has a number of prewritten replies that are randomly selected when a person’s tweet matches the search. In this way you can create personal responses to people’s tweet. The power of iTweetLive becomes clear when you start adding more searches. You aren’t limited to searching on your brand. You can search on anything, such as things prospective buyers might say. Then in your automated responses (which can include a shortened link), you can direct them to an article or product that’s related. iTweetLive takes the process Twitter marketers have been doing manually and automates it.

On the Replies page you find the results from your searches. Here you can see the replies that were selected and queue them to be sent. It gives you the ability to further edit the tweets if you would like.

The @Mentions page will give you a birds eye view of all the times @YourBrand appears across Twitter’s network. You have the option to respond or retweet them as you like. This page also gives you the ability to send out a new tweet from scratch.

The next way iTweetLive helps sites manage their brand is by giving them the option to schedule tweets directly from their feeds. This saves you from having to tweet every post on your own. You can add as many feeds as you like actually. This is a great way to ensure your tweets have some variety. You can add feeds from a variety of sites to keep things interesting for your followers. The trick is to keep people paying attention to your tweets.

iTweetLive Manage Searches Page

iTweetLive has many options to tweak and adjust your Twitter marketing effort to best meet your needs. Anything from how often it checks your feeds to how often it sends tweets on your behalf can be updated. It gives you full control of how to manage your brand with Twitter. It even lets you add as many Twitter accounts as you would like. Accounts are paid with each targeted tweet costing one credit. You’re allocated 100 free credits just for registering. To purchase more they offer a variety of packages which cost roughly one cent per tweet. This is exceptionally low for how much time it saves you. iTweetLive encourages responsible tweeting. As they encourage in their FAQ, if you’re tweeting 20 times per hour then you’re probably doing something wrong.

Managing one’s brand on Twitter takes time. iTweetLive makes it easy with their full featured social engagement tool for Twitter.

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