Keep on Posting: Don’t let your blog run dry

Starting a blog is exciting. For many it’s their first appearance onto the web. With high aspirations they envision lively and daily posts that will entertain friends, family, and visitors. Like all new endeavors the trick to being successful is consistency. Blogs need to be updated periodically in order to provide new content to visitors. The unfortunate reality however, is that most blogs go unmaintained within a few weeks of their creation.

To help accommodate for the general laziness that permeates the web, they made it even easier. What started as blog posts has dwindled down to 140 character Twitter updates. The (real) thinking behind Twitter is that people are so inexcusably slothful that they aren’t to be bothered with writing articulate essays anymore. Instead they hoped that at the very least users might be persuaded to put together brief sentence fragments describing their day. In a sign that the world is on the brink of the indolent apocalypse, many of us aren’t even consistent with our Twitter updates either.

Keep on Posting Home

But maintaining blogs and Twitter accounts can be important. By doing so you maintain a presence on the web and gain an ever increasing amount of traffic. For those who desire to have an online following, this is the only way to achieve it. Providing a reminder for bloggers and Twitter enthusiasts around the world, is Keep on Posting. It’s a free reminder system that will notify you when too much time has passed since your last blog post or tweet.

Setting up Keep on Posting is easy. First you register for an account, then you indicate which blogs and Twitter accounts you’d like to track. Actually, you’re allowed to set it up without registering if you prefer. Registering for an account allows you to keep a record of the sites you’re tracking and make changes later. Adding a blog to track is simple; you just enter the URL or the feed URL, and it will take it from there. For Twitter you enter the @<nobodyReadsMyTweets> screen name. It’s all very straightforward.

Once these are set up, the rest is history. You can rest assured that if you’ve forgotten to create a blog post in a while, Keep on Posting will send you a friendly reminder. To further simplify matters, the accounts are registered with OpenIDs from Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, and similar. One interesting facet is that you are able to set an independent email address for the notifications to be sent. This is nice since most people have a preferred email account that they like to receive these types of emails.

Keep on Posting Tracking View

If you aren’t convinced that Keep on Posting is the best reminder system for blog or Twitter accounts, you need look no further than its home page. Included are documented accolades from none other than the founder’s mother, a former friend, and himself. They are, respectively, “This is the best tool ever,” “Err… what’s this exactly?” and “I used to forget I had a blog.” Still not convinced? Signing up is free and doesn’t even require a new log in ID.

People all across the web start blogs and Twitter accounts with the high intentions of maintaining them. The sad reality is that most of them go defunct within weeks, never to be updated again. Keep on Posting’s reminders can go a long way in getting you to stop what you’re doing and write a post. By doing so, you’ll be able to maintain your presence on the web and continue to gain a growing base of followers.

Not as true to their word as we might have initially hoped, Keep on Posting fell short of their goal to keep on posting.

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