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In a ritual I follow almost unconsciously I always pack my bags hours ahead of time. If I’m leaving the country the suitcase will be ready to go a couple days in advance. If I’m going to the gym in the morning I’ll get my things all ready the night before. When I have a trip on my mind there’s nothing like packing my bags that helps me feel ready for it. Once everything’s set I relax and look forward to the journey. And right now, my bags are packed.

In the morning I’ll be getting on my bike and heading across the Golden Gate Bridge en route to my finding my favorite bouldering spot. The plan is to arrive before the masses get there. No matter if they are though, it will be a glorious sunny day for all. Some will take pictures of themselves hanging from a rock with a panoramic view of the bay in the background. Despite my many trips I still take the camera along too. There’s nothing like the San Francisco bay on a sunny day.

These events sometimes can be shared with friends on Facebook or other social networks. But then sometimes I think twice about posting my excursions on there. My broader network of friends don’t always want to look at the active lifestyles of those that love pushing themselves to the limit. One friend of mine is from a different part of the country, out in the Midwest. He relayed how in his town the gym served as a support group for fit people. Those who prefer a hamburger over the treadmill, a couch over a mountain, or a computer over a cliff, tend to resent to the other half. Outgoing people need a place to go to share and fuel their endeavors. It’s for this reason LifeKraze was built. It’s a haven for those of us looking to connect with others who are always out and about.

LifeKraze is a new social network, and it’s a good one. Your connections are based upon the same thing real friendships are- common interests. In this case your common interests are any sporting activity that causes you to break a sweat. So when I return from my ride and climb tomorrow I can update my newly registered LifeKraze account with a tribute to the event. There are no egos to bruise here or folks who will be put out by being out done. No, when they see new updates they’ll be inspired. In turn, they might just pack their own backpacks for a similar excursion. The synergy is contagious.

Registration presents you with an initial offering of people you can follow as friends. Each of their updates will appear on your feed view. You can comment on it or give them a high five. It’s similar to Facebook in that you can write thing to your own feed or others, but it doesn’t include a private messaging system. LifeKraze is about inspiring people to get off the computer and get out there. To live like it counts.

LifeKraze Feed

As you make posting, include updates, and add friends you acquire Kraze points. This is somewhat satisfying by itself, but ultimately they’ll be worth something tangible. What exactly that is hasn’t been made clear yet. LifeKraze was recently launched and is still adding features. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s an extremely well designed site put together by people that know what they’re doing.

As for me, I know what I’m doing. I’m going bike riding tomorrow and then climbing. Last time I went I looked off to the right and considered adding a paltry 2000′ ascent to the ride home. It was tempting. We’ll see how it goes. One thing’s for sure though- the new friends on LifeKraze will be hearing about it.

  • Josi

    This post is an incredible portrayal of how LifeKraze can be a support group for the explorers of the world. I’m so glad you found the same kind of inspiration that I found, because you’re right, the synergy is like a catalyst for activity and adventure. Great post!

  • Tammy

    Lifekraze can also provide inspiration for the not-so-adventurous, like myself. When I first joined Likekraze I could barely run a mile without feeling like I was going to pass out. But now, thanks to the encouragement of other Lifekrazers, I am running 3-4 miles 4-5 times a week, and getting ready to do my first ever 5K. I always leave the site feeling positive and encouraged, without the negative feelings I sometimes have after being on Facebook. Great article.

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