Logaway: The Five Star Hotel of Password Managers

The internet has opened up a whole new world for people. They can check email, buy things, pay their bills, and much more. There are gaming sites, forums, clubs, social networks, and any number of other outlets available to those that browse the web. These sites though diverse, have one thing in common. In order for users to register they need a username and password. And so an entire new system of short blips of text have become the keys to the online world we enjoy.

These key have become so prolific that they’re cumbersome. With every new site we join it requires yet another username and password. Some sites have taken action to alleviate the increasingly lengthy list of secret codes we must track. Somewhere along the way someone realized that making people select a username wasn’t necessary. You can have people register with their email address instead. It’s both easier for users to remember and is guaranteed to be unique. Another thing sites use is what’s called OpenID authentication. This is where you register for an account with your Facebook or Twitter account. But it still leaves a lot of keys in your key chain for websites. Which brings us to Logaway. It’s a site that let’s you safely store all your website usernames and passwords throughout the entire web. It’s free to use and can readily track every username/password combination you need.

Logaway Home

In a world where most websites are like self service cafeterias, Logaway is a five star hotel with concierge at your beck and call. Just a few moments after you arrive at the home page you’re greeted by a chat box with an agent available for any questions. Registration was simple enough, with the notable exception that it includes a Logaway key on top of a regular password. This is an added security measure as the two keys are verified separately to log in. In an impressive demonstration of going all out they also have a clickable keyboard you can use to enter your passwords. This prevents keyloggers from being able to track what you’re typing. These security measures may seem a little like entering a federal courthouse, but they’re necessary. Logaway is designed to store access to all your bank accounts, email addresses, and everything else that’s valuable to you. It’s important that it doesn’t get compromised. To further ensure the security of the connection they utilize NSA standard encryption.

Once registered and logged in you’re taken to a set up wizard that guides you through the configuration. Here it shows you the process of adding sites to your dashboard so that you can access them later. Say for instance you do your banking with ShadyNYBank.com. You can add this along with a username and password and henceforth not need to remember them anymore. From then on all you need to do is log into Logaway and all your accounts are just one click away. Once set up, any embezzlement or nefarious activity won’t have originated from Logaway’s connection. It’s the most robust and secure system the web can offer.

Logaway Dashboard

Logaway is more than just a password manager. It’s a bit like iGoogle in that you can add gadgets to it. These can be anything from sports news, stocks, to entertainment. It’s fully customizable and can be updated at any time.

Managing a bevy of passwords is cumbersome. Using just one is a huge security risk. The recommended method is to use a different password every time which is a lot of work to maintain. Logaway takes that work away from you so that you only need to track one- your Logaway login info. It’s a highly robust, customizable, secure way to access all your accounts online.

We just received a notice that Logaway is for sale! All potential buyers should contact the owner. This also means its future may be in jeopardy, but we hope for the best. Update- Logaway is going down 2 Feb 2012. I blame an error in the Aztec calendar.

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