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Being a freelancer is a noble endeavor. You leave the safety of an office along with the steady paycheck and paid holidays. In its place is an open frontier of opportunity. Vast amounts of work that can be done. There are clients that need cultivating, profits to be made, and time off during the weekdays that can be enjoyed. It’s the dream for many.

Like all things in life sometimes the reality is different than the ideal. One aspect of freelancing that most people aren’t prepared for is the difficulty in working alone. Just like bees operate as a hive, so must most people. They need that buzz of activity around them to progress forward. It took me years to overcome the dearth of social interaction that accompanies freelance work. My secret? Total disregard for everybody! That’s also the secret to happiness according to an old joke that circulates on Unix quote of the day programs. In reality I’m able to stay productive at home because I live in the city and the buzz that I too need, is all around me.

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In most cases people don’t have an ever revolving migration of people right outside their door. Their houses are quiet- separated with walls, fences, and space from the nearest neighbors. In their well set up home offices they find themselves playing video games or dilly dallying. It’s easy to let a whole day slip by when you’re away from the office buzz. Now there’s a quick and easy way to change that, with Office Genie. It’s the largest collection of office and desk offerings in the UK. They offer classified listings for shared offices, serviced offices, offices to rent, and sublet offices. It’s geared towards both freelancers and small businesses alike.

Office Genie is easy to search and navigate. Most likely you’ll begin by searching based upon your location, the type of office space you’re looking for, price range, distance you’re willing to travel, and number of people to accommodate. This brings back a summary list of results of which you can browse through and click on for more information. A sample page is pictured below.

The categories of offices deserve a bit more explanation. Shared Offices are where a business has extra desk space and would like to rent it out. Here the ‘deskers’ can come and go to the office just like they normally might if they worked there. The only difference is they do their own thing once they’re there.

Next are Serviced Offices. These are where instead of renting from a business, you’re renting from an office management company that sets up an office to rent. They provide such services as a receptionist, IT, décor, and all the other basic facilities associated with office maintenance. As opposed to a shared office where you’re entering into another company’s space, serviced offices put everyone on the same plane.

Offices to Rent are for the truly ambitious. They’re for those that would like their own empty building that they can decorate, supply, furnish, and network. These are almost invariably geared towards businesses that plan on being around awhile.

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Last are Sublet Offices. This is where one company is in a lease and finds they aren’t using all the space. Rather than renting out a series of desks to individuals as with shared offices, they rent an entire section of their facility. Like offices to rent, this is a solution for businesses. The benefits are that part of the building management is being handled by the host company but you still have control over your area of the building.

Having one’s own office space is important. Be it for individuals or small businesses there’s something about going to an office that can help increase productivity. Individuals need it to be around office buzz as well as maintain a separation of work and home. Businesses need it to keep the team on track, motivated, and profitable. Office Genie is the number one provider of office space listings in the UK so that people can find the solution that’s right for them.

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