Sell My iDevice: A gentle way to part with your Apple products

They say the two happiest days in someone’s life are the day they buy a boat, and the day they sell it. This humorous adage speaks of the discrepancy between someone’s dream of cruising across the water and the reality of the vast amount of work and money they put into maintaining it. By the end of it all many boat owners come to appreciate the adage, “You don’t have to own it to enjoy it.” I’ve certainly had the opportunity to enjoy riding in other people’s boats without the hassle of all the upkeep.

One thing you do have to own to enjoy are products made by Apple. These cherished devices not only provide technical functionality but also an entire experience. It starts at the Apple store which is designed by top architects and any number of marketing and customer service professionals. Its white décor with glass steps and metallic overlays puts you in an entirely different world. There are genius bars, training sessions, and a choice presentation of the latest products. As opposed to boat buyers, most Apple customers enjoy their products for all the time they own them. As often as not they don’t experience any sadness until the day they realize it’s time to part with their prized device. For some this day comes when the next version comes out. For other perhaps it’s experienced too much wear and tear and needs replacement. Whatever the reason, the day will one day come when the happy Apple product owner will have to part ways with their device.

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This mournful event comes far too soon for many, but can be eased with the assistance of Sell My iDevice. Sell My iDevice is a new site that will quickly and easily assist you with letting go of your Apple product. Specifically, they’re a service that will buy them from you and see to it that your device finds its way to a new a caring home.

The way Sell My iDevice works is simple. First you navigate to the page that features the product you’re looking to sell. These include iPhone, Mac, iPod, and iPad. If you happen to have a different Apple product then you can contact them separately. Once you find the page for your product, you fill out a simple form describing the condition of the product and associated accessories. From there they’ll manually evaluate your Apple offering and send you a quote. This quote is non negotiable, and is the maximum amount that they will pay in exchange for your device. You can either accept or deny it. If you accept then they’ll send you prepaid shipping material so you can send it. Once they receive it and it passing their inspection they’ll send along payment for the quoted amount. Note that the entire process is of no cost to the seller, except the emotional toll of losing one’s favorite electronic device.

A couple important notes about Sell My iDevice is that they will erase the memory of your product. Although it’s a good idea to do this prior to selling your electronics, this adds another level of security. Another note is that they’ll accept devices of any quality- even if it’s burnt to a crisp. In this case the quote may be strikingly similar to zero though. If your device is no longer of functional value, then Sell My iDevice acts as a recycling company, ensuring the product is disposed of properly.

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Selling Apple products can be a hassle. You have to find a buyer and make sure all your information is erased. With Sell My iDevice the entire process is easy. As a conscientious and responsible buyer they streamline the entire process. All you need to do is fill out a form, choose to accept their quote, and send the device in the prepaid packaging.

The day Apple fans sell their products can be a traumatic one. It’s certainly not one any of us look forward to. The good news is with Sell My iDevice the process is as painless as possible. And if the loss of your latest Apple device is too much to bear, you can always put the money you made toward your next one. Let’s face it. Once you’ve grown accustomed to Apple products, it’s hard to settle for anything else.

  • donnau1

    very interested info i have a ipad and it took me days to find out how to add music, and videos on it.

  • Steve Gibson

    Site’s currently down. Keeping our fingers crossed for a full recovery…

  • Shelton

    Looks much similar idea as, I like to see them live soon, I try to visit the website but they say some upgrades are going on and will be live soon

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