StockLogos: A new approach to logos

There’s one thing all companies have in common- a logo. These emblems come to represent the product a company produces and the quality of service they provide. Logos are intentionally iconic of the hard work that people put into their businesses.

In the internet age new businesses pop up all the time. Each of these needs a logo with which they can adorn their websites, business cards, and other company paraphernalia. Where to get one though is always the question. Most of us don’t have a designer on hand which leaves us swimming through the maze of graphic designers to do the job. These come in all shapes and sizes. Many are individuals with a wide variety of talent. Finding a good fit can challenging and time consuming.

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At the end of the day, most businesses just want a good workable logo so they can get back to focusing on the rest of their work. To them logos are important, but not something they want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on with user studies and market research. Providing a central location for designers and those looking to purchase logos, is StockLogos. They’re a site that pride themselves on housing some of the best logos available on the internet.

StockLogos is built upon the reality that designers often create logos that, for whatever reason, don’t sell. Clients change their mind. Maybe the client wanted three options from which they would select one. Or perhaps a designer prepared a variety of logos to build up their portfolio. However it happens, most graphic designers have a collection of logos that they have no foreseeable purpose for. These can be submitted to StockLogos’ site to be sold to prospective buyers. It’s a great way for designers to make some money off of work they’ve already done.

On the other end of things are of course the companies. They can browse through the hundreds of logos and see if any seem to fit their business concept. Once they find it they can pay the fee set by the designer and procure their corporate logo.

Now, I’ve already alluded to one of the biggest reasons why this is a great method of logo design. The buyer knows exactly what they’re getting when they buy it! See, the trouble with any type of design work, including graphic design, is that it’s impossible to envision what something will look like prior to it being built. The client may describe what they want, and the designer may be inspired to create something entirely different. Then the client’s not happy and the designer’s left with an extra logo. With StockLogos you can see what you’re getting before purchasing. Once purchased you can work with the original designer or StockLogos to customize it.

But let’s imagine that a company looks through all the logos and doesn’t find anything that resonates with their vision for their company. For this they can submit what’s known as a brief. A brief is a request for designers to prepare logos for them. They describe their company, price range, and any other relevant details. There’s no obligation to buy anything but posting costs $50. What this does is ensures that only serious buyers will put forth requests for logo designs. The fee prevents designers from spending their time submitting prospective logos to a buyer who’s just kicking the tires. If designers see a brief that they would like to prepare a logo for then they’re welcome to do so. Their logo is submitted to the main marketplace so that any buyer can pick it up. This makes it so designers can sell their logo even if it’s not to their original prospect.

All told, StockLogos is a great approach to logo design. It provides a forum for designers to sell their designs, and for buyers to purchase them. The fact that you can view the design before purchasing makes it the preferred way for many companies to find the right logo for their business.