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Twitter has revolutionized the internet. Their network flush with 140 character messages has been a boon to the marketing industry as well as friends wanting to stay in touch. The idea behind it is that limiting the amount of text you can share forces you to focus on the most important things.

As an author I’ve often conceded my slight annoyance at Twitter’s success. I consider a well written article to be of utmost importance, yet we live in world that increasingly wants a sound bite. This push pull has left authors and those who value quality content with a dilemma. Should they too trade pages of prose for abbreviated snippets of text? We’ll leave that question to be answered for another day, because on this day we found a viable compromise. Viddy. Viddy is a mobile application that takes the Twitter sharing concept and turns it into video.

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Viddy, (found at, is a mobile social network where you can follow people and get followers. The main difference is that you share videos instead of messages. It’s brilliant! It takes advantage of the fact that people always have their phones on them and when they go about their day they can record and share their videos. So let’s say you’re at a ball game and some guy’s doing a goofy dance. (Isn’t that guy at all ball games?) You can record it and show your friends, fans, and family the crazy person you’re watching. In light of Viddy’s video sharing network the way we currently update our status quickly becomes pass√©: “At ball game. Weird guy dancing.” I’ve dropped friends for such nonsense!

Now the fun with using Viddy is just beginning. See, they know that most of us aren’t professional Viddyographers. As such they built in a series of effects that you can add to your videos.¬† Special effects include graphics, color correction, and audio tracks. On top of that they have production packs which currently include Black & White, Crystal, Hued, Vintage, Junkd, and 3D. With a single click you can give your video an entire new look and feel. Let’s admit it, as cool as taking videos and sharing them sounds, we’re all somewhat accustomed to viewing heavily edited and digitized clips. Viddy provides that functionality so that your videos will not only show what you’re up to but be visually appealing as well.

So let’s imagine a scenario that you take a video of your friends at TGI Friday’s having a few drinks. You think that you look great but upon closer review things aren’t what you hoped. Your hair is all a mess and makeup is not what it was when you left the house. No problem. Just add the Black & White production pack and you’re all set. In fact most of the production packs will gloss over any number of aesthetic mishaps, all the while giving them a unique style.

Come to think about it, although Viddy draws many parallels to Twitter, it can almost be considered like YouTube for real life. People love browsing the latest videos on there. I believe the now famous term, “Viral Marketing” has its roots in highly trafficked YouTube videos. Viddy’s like that, except social, relevant, and stylized.

One thing about social networks is that they’re only as fun as the people who join them. Not to fear in this regard. Viddy comes from pretty strong pedigree with multiple high powered investment firms and individuals backing them. Within two weeks of their initial launch they’ve received upwards of 150,000 downloads.

Viddy Mobile Application
Viddy Mobile Application

As an avid internet user I’ll be the first to admit that the internet is tired. We know (or at least strongly suspect) that Twitter pays to have celebrities and newscasters mention their Twitter pages every five minutes. (We’re also quite certain that no one actually reads tweets anymore…) Similarly, we know that Facebook has done what they’re going to do and is running low on ideas. The internet needs something new to satisfy our hourglass of dwindling attention span. Viddy provides exactly the type of network we need. It gives us instant and complete gratification. We can connect with our friends, celebrities or whomever we like in a real and meaningful way. We can see what they see and share a tiny piece of their lives.

On to technical details- Viddy is free, currently available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, with all other major devices coming down the pipeline shortly. These include Google Android, Blackberry, and Microsoft and Windows Mobile devices. The sets of production packs, audio tracks and the like are only just beginning as well, with many more to come.

Viddy is staged to take social networking to a new level. Its clever application of stylized shared videos is both intriguing and fun. With it people will soon forget about their already forgotten about Twitter accounts and move onto something we can all enjoy.*

* Note- Viddy not only lets you share your updates within your Viddy friend network but other social networks as well. Also note- yes, that was a less than 140 character sound bite. I hope nobody tells Twitter about it!

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