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Horses are amazing animals. They’re strong, yet gentle, wild, yet can be tamed. It’s been said that they are the single most important animal in the history of mankind. From their roles in war, commerce, and livestock, they have had a powerful effect on society. In today’s world the horse is no longer used to any large degree for war or transportation. Nowadays horses are mainly for leisure riding and enjoyment. What used to be a functional and useful animal has grown to be a warm and endearing pastime.

For many taking care of their horse provides a reprieve from the high tech society we live in. Whether you’re out on the trail, or even in the stable, there’s something about taking care of horses that’s mesmerizing. As soon as you’re around them the rest of your day’s concerns seem a little less important.

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The technical world we live in isn’t all bad when it comes to horses though. It can provide a wealth of information. Anything from horse care to horse tack can be found online. This information is distributed across a myriad of websites, many of which are built by the good hearted people of the equestrian world. The time has come for a central repository of information, commerce, and community to emerge from this thriving culture that revolves around horses. This comes to us as WikiHorseWorld- the unanimous leader in providing tools, resources, and connections for the equine community. They are, “Your Home For Anything & Everything Horses.”

Now, when WikiHorseWorld says they know and have everything you could hope to find about horses, they mean it. Let’s start with their classifieds section. It’s broken into four categories including horses, products, services, and events. It’s free to post ads and respond to them for all users. You can include unlimited photos, videos, YouTube videos, and details in your ads. They can be customized however you like to best catch the attention of prospective buyers.

Next up is their pedigree system. It’s a state of the art ancestry tool to track and display your horse’s heritage. As those familiar with the industry know, the lineage of your horse matters. This best of the web system lets you include all the basic information about the sire, dam, and descendants. It also lets you upload unlimited photos, videos, and details about your horse. You can readily link pedigree charts to the classifieds on their site or other horse sites.

There’s something about being a part of the horse community that draws people together. It’s not a world everyone is a part of, and those that are enjoy a special connection. WikiHorseWorld provides a platform to make and cultivate these relationships. Their community page is nothing less than a fully featured social network. It’s akin to Facebook, or any other social platform. You can make friends, send messages, share pictures, advice, feedback, and anything else you’d like to talk about.

Next we have their Horse Tack Shop. This 60,000 product strong store includes just about every item imaginable relating to horses. From polish for your saddle, to movies, horse jewelry, stirrups, and more, it’s all there. Many items are on sale and offered at discounted prices.

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Some may be wondering where the Wiki comes in, with the WikiHorseWorld name. As it turns out, they have an entire wiki based Horse Encyclopedia. For those who aren’t aware, a wiki is an article online that is authored collaboratively by any number of people. For example, one person can write an article on proper horse care. Then another can edit the original, making changes and additions as needed. In so doing, the community as a whole will create the best article on any particular topic. Their easy to use editor is similar to writing an email or MS Word document.

WikiHorseWorld is a great place to learn, enjoy, buy, sell, and commune with the horse community. It offers just about everything imaginable for those that cherish this deeply loved sport, obsession, and animal. At the end of the day, horse people are a little more down to earth. They’re the kind of folks that look you in the eye and take the time to get to know you. For this, WikiHorseWorld shows its truest colors by offering free training advice from their resident professional trainer, Christy Mellington. It’s nice to see the horse community find a niche online. It’s even nicer that they didn’t forget their small town roots in their quest to become digitized.

The horse community is an alcove amidst a sea of industry. Its members come from many walks of life and varying levels of equine experience. WikiHorseWorld is the place where all horse enthusiasts can go and continue to learn and enjoy the world of horses.

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