Kwipster: A Place for the Peanut Gallery

Everyone likes witty people. It’s fun being around those who can encapsulate a moment or incident with a simple short statement. These comments provide comedic pause and insight into what’s really going on. Other times they serve to poke fun at someone or something. Quips are enjoyed by many and are both memorable and entertaining.

Online quips take a different form. People often make them in chat forums. Some of them graduate to attain full fledged meme status, where the one liner comes to represent a certain idea or situation. These come in and out of style as the ebb and flow of news and its commentators stream across the web. Nobody really knows where they come from or when people will lose interest. They’re like verbal fads.

Kwipster Home

Now there’s a way to track news articles and the quips that surround them, with Kwipster. It’s a site that collects quip worthy news articles and the one liners people make about them. It’s not any man’s chat forum; it’s for the clever and witty at heart.

Using Kwipster is easy. You register for a free account and begin contributing kwips to your articles. At a very basic level you need only come armed with your creativity. From there you can read the articles and provide your clever comments. There are a few rules to follow, most of which are common sense. These include only being able to rate each kwip once, only being able to post up to 10 kwips per story, and not sabotaging other users. Far being it from the smart alecs among us to partake in less than savory tactics.

Beyond being a place for kwips, Kwipster is a competition. Each user’s kwips are rated by others which give them points. Top Kwipsters are recognized as such so others can bask in their funniness. As they go about their kwipping they’ll continue to acquire points. As they progress they’ll move from levels -1 to 20. Rules are outlined here. Note that level negative one is aptly named Comic Sans, and the top level is Late Night Legend. As would be expected from a site about one liners all the content on Kwipster is witty and entertaining.

So let’s explore a sample article and its kwips. I found a representative article about an Oregon man who relieves himself into a massive reservoir and the city in turn decides to drain the whole thing. Never mind the fact that this is an open reserve with fish, birds, and other animals in it doing the same thing, they’re draining it based upon a single photograph of this man peeing. And so the Kwipsters begin with their cocktail of comments ranging from humor to mockery. They include insinuations that bottled watered companies were behind it to making light of the act itself.

Kwipster Article

There are actually two ways to think about Kwipster. The first is the aforementioned site that collects articles and the kwips that surround them. The second is to gauge how interesting articles are based upon the quantity and quality of their kwips. All over the web people are looking for new content. Kwipster provides a different way to discover it by listing their top kwipped articles by day, week, month, year, and all time. The articles that more people participate in are likely the most intriguing. I certainly learned something about how water resources are managed in Oregon, for instance.

Kwipster is a fun site that provides comedic relief in our otherwise monotone web browsing sessions. It’s a place where the funny guys of the internet can strut their stuff and take stage for a little while. The funnier folks will rise to the top so more people can enjoy their gift of humor. It’s also a great way to read some interesting articles. Kwipster is an entertaining way to explore the web and share one’s sense of wit.

Update from Kwipster 23 Jan 2012. All good things must come to an end, and even some mediocre ones. Thus is the case for Kwipster, which is ceasing operations at the end of this month so its founder can begin work on a non-profit project. This time on purpose. What does this mean for you?

Probably not much. Turns out there’s this thing called the Internet, which already gives you plenty of places to make jokes about the latest news. Somehow we missed it during our research.

If there’s anything you’d like to download from your profile, please do so by Jan 31. After that, Kwipster will return to its rightful place in cyberspace, as a GoDaddy landing page.

All kidding aside, we’d sincerely like to thank you for becoming a part of our community, for keeping us entertained over the past year, and for helping us make Kwipster into a miserable failure. We couldn’t have done it without you.

If you’d like to make one last crack, please do so at our expense here.


Life360: Safety and Peace of Mind

One thing in life I really disdain is losing things. I’m pretty good about keeping track of all my belongings and making sure they don’t wander off or get misplaced. I remember years ago I lost a guitar chords book. Although easily replaceable I still find myself looking for it at times. It’s completely gone.

Much more irreplaceable than our personal belonging is our family. In today’s busy world it’s so easy for them to run around all over town or worse, be taken somewhere against their will. The latter situations are cause for extreme alarm with every level of law enforcement ready to help out. But there’s more that we can do to ensure their safety. This comes to us in a long needed mobile application named Life360. It offers multiple ways to ensure the safety of your family, belongings, and even personal finances.

Life360 Home

Life360 offers both free and premium services. The free services include Family GPS Tracking, Family Alerts, and Sex Offender Monitoring. The Family GPS Tracking is a way to track the whereabouts of everyone in your family all the time. With it parents can monitor the movements of their kids and each other so they know where they are. If they end up going on a road trip to the next county then you’ll be the first to know. For those that don’t have phones they also offer a separate GPS tracking device, which comes with a fee and monthly service fee.

Family Alerts are a way to connect with your loved ones during emergencies. Let’s say there’s a major catastrophe, such as the finale of the Bachelorette being cancelled. This would cause the cell phone networks around the nation to be inundated with calls of people complaining and wanting to rant about how upset they are. Family Alerts is a backup system that allows you to connect with your loved ones. You can leave them a message which will be delivered to them. It works around jammed phone lines and other infrastructure hang ups.

Sex Offender monitoring draws from the national database of sex offenders and their locations. It allows you to see where offenders are and view their mug shots and other information about them. You can learn where they are and quickly figure out where the safe areas are. Email alerts can be set up to alert you to any new offender activity in the area.

Life360 Family's Private Safety Network

The premium services including Emergency Identification, Family Identification Protection, and Lost Item Recovery. Emergency Identification is an ID card that provides medical information for yourself or your family in the event of a medical emergency. Let’s say you’re diabetic and under some circumstances could slip into a coma. This information needs to be available to emergency workers so they know how to treat you. These ID cards come in different forms including Velcro bracelets for kids and cards for adults.

Family Identification protection is an identity theft prevention and monitoring system. With it you can receive free credit reports and place alerts to track suspicious activity. It comes with a $1 million dollar guarantee if an issue arises that’s a result of Life360’s service not working correctly. It also includes removing your name from preapproved credit card offers which will reduce the amount of junk mail you receive.

The final offering by Life360 is their Lost Item Recovery service. Here you can register items with them and in turn get a tracking badge. If the item turns up missing and people find the item they can return it to Life360. The person who returns the item receives a reward and you get your item back. Neither party needs to communicate since Life360 manages the exchange. It comes with a $125 guarantee if your lost item is not returned.

Taking care of your family is the number one priority. Everything else in life can be replaced. Life360 offers the tools to keep your family safe and all your personal finances and belongings as well.


RPG JS: Browser Based Role Playing Games

One of my favorite hobbies is playing online flash games. These short goofy games are a fun way to spend hours of time on the web. Never mind the fact that you could have been doing something productive, it’s fun to play them. Some are five minute games, others might go on for days. They may be built by individuals or by full production teams. They come and go quickly with new ones coming out every day.

Lately I’ve been hearing murmurs about HTML5 and how it’s going to open the door to a new venue of interactive animations. Not too long ago this waterfall animation made its rounds on the web. Its purpose was to demonstrate what could be done with HTML5. We all oohed and awed at this newfound way of creating animations. The outstanding question remained though, could HTML5 along with JavaScript be utilized to create interactive games. I mean, could it make the kind of games that are currently built on the backbone of Adobe Flash? The answer is a resounding Yes, and that answer comes to us from RPG JS.


RPG JS is an open source JavaScript library that allows you create role playing games in HTML5. It’s a groundbreaking tool that is staged to be the forerunner in an entire new protocol for online game development. The way it works is developers can download the library, peruse the documentation and examples, and build their game. These demonstrate how to do such things as creating a simple RPG, load a map, add an event, and perform an action. These are the basic building blocks to many games, including role playing games.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun I fired up the demo game, for testing purposes only of course. This is an easy game where you press space to talk to people or open chests. Eventually you’ll find a weapon, defeat a few bad guys, solve a few puzzles, and rescue the princess. It only takes a few minutes to play through but proves the point- quality games can be built utilizing HTML5. Perhaps this demo game will be to HTML5 as Fly Guy was to flash. Sometimes it takes an iconic symbol to help a new technology to take hold.

RPG JS opens the doors to HTML5 role playing game development. It’s paving the way for the good things to come. It’s currently in alpha release and will undoubtedly go through multiple iterations of improvements and enhancements. Its framework will allow developers to start applying their creativity to HTML5 based games. This is great news for coders and gaming enthusiasts alike. Flash has had its day. It’s both memory and CPU intensive. The time has come for a new way to develop interactive animations online. HTML5 is poised to be the next big platform for online game development, and RPG JS is leading the charge.


Back At You: Social Marketing Incentivizer

Getting noticed on social media sites can make or break a website. The power of these sites can send droves of people to your own website.  The next question becomes how to get the viral juices flowing. The first step is to make the various sharing options available. This often starts with setting up accounts for Facebook and Twitter. It’s a very exciting moment for many site owners once they get those basic social outlets in place. They put the Facebook Like button on their site and await the masses of people to start clicking it. In many cases these masses don’t come. Instead, a slow trickle of votes come in, if any. The reality is most of us don’t often click on other people’s social media buttons when we’re browsing. The visitors to our own sites are no different.

Finding a way to encourage your visitors and fan base to be a little more vocal about your site can be a great way to increase its overall visibility. But how do you do that? There are many ways to pull this off. You can make the buttons more visible and attractive. Or you can ask them directly. Or then, you can always just bribe them. The latter suggestion is perhaps the most effective. Users are a fickle bunch, but they all share one thing in common- the desire to get something for free.

Back At You Home

One tool set up to manage such promotion plans is Back At You. It’s a resource that provides multiple ways to connect with and incentivize your users and fans to share the news about your product. With it you can harness the power of your existing social network to augment your social media reach.

Back At You offers multiple venues that you can utilize to broaden your marketing efforts. These include tools to increase Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, collecting feedback, building email lists, and offering coupons. Each of these in its own right can greatly increase one’s traffic. Back At You provides the tools, it’s up to site owners to determine what’s most effective for their business.

The way it works is you select a specific marketing promotion plan. Let’s say you pick the Like Us program. This is a promotion that encourages users to Like your page by offering them an incentive. These incentives can be a coupon, entry into a sweepstakes, or providing exclusive content. They’re designed to compel users to share your page on their wall and attract other users.

The Twitter promotion plan is similar to the Facebook Like program except it deals with tweets instead of likes. The Feedback collector utilizes promotions to gather feedback from users. The Email list builder does the same to collect people’s email addresses. Finally the Coupon Ordinaire offers standard coupons. People love getting something for a discount and Back At You will manage the process.

Back At You Promotion Products

Once the promotion is built the next step is to let people know about it on Facebook and Twitter. They also provide a Facebook application to help with this. Once the promotion is launched you can track the results and figure out how effective it was. Back At You’s network tracks a full set of analytics on your campaigns. It’s here where you can see the value of your time and efforts and plan new marketing endeavors.

Back At You is a unique toolbox of utilities that can augment your marketing efforts via social media. It gives you the ability to get the full potential out of your current fan base and grow and garner their good will. With it sites can tap into the untouched markets that exist within their extended network of supporters.


SoundSpar: Where Bands Battle

Putting together a band is like competing for an event. Instead of competing with other bands you’re competing for the attention of the audience. This is an entirely different type of competition, one where there may not be a winner. We’ve all flipped through the radio stations only to turn it off because there’s nothing interesting playing. Capturing the interest of the audience is a challenging task that takes a special kind of musician to accomplish.

As enthusiasts of the indie band scene know, bands battle all the time. Competitions are set up, people vote, and winners are announced. These battles are a great way to keep people interested and to give up and coming bands something to shoot for. There are many shows at dive bars around town, but these are where the rubber meets the road, where the grain is sifted from the chaff.

SoundSpar Home

Historically these battles take place on stage at a venue set up for this purpose. It provides a place for fans and onlookers to come and check them out. These are certainly fun to go to. I’ve known a few bands that took part and some who even ranked pretty high. It gives them a little badge of honor that they can use to promote their future gigs. Now there’s a way to enter such competitions online, as SoundSpar. It’s a site that allows bands to join and battle, and for fans to vote.

SoundSpar’s basic usage is to host battles. Two bands will be pitted against each other, a deadline is set for the battle, and the voting begins. Each band is allowed one song in the battle and people can listen and vote. Anyone can view battles and listen to songs. To vote you need to register. Users can also join band’s corners for those that they like.

Musicians have the option to create an Artist’s pages. These are for those that have some tunes to share. The way it works is one band member will create the band page, then other band members can join it. The original creator can approve or deny their membership. The Artist page consists of a description, photo, and sound clip. Once it’s set up you can challenge other bands to battle. It’s just like picking a fight in the school yard. In this case though the other band can accept or reject the battle. Once the challenge is accepted the artists will be entered into a sparing ring where fans can decide which is better. At the end of the battle the winner is awarded five points, and the loser gets nothing. If they tie each gets two points. The music industry is a make it break it industry; there’s no room for second place. Details about the battles can be found here.

SoundSpar Band Profile

There’s nothing like a little bit of competition to catch people’s interest. People like watching spirited bouts, rivalries, and match-ups. It makes it interesting for those checking out new bands and gives them a perspective to measure the quality. With two songs from two bands matched up to each other it make it easy to decide which one you like better. With SoundSpar bands can compete to be the best band and fans can see the latest up and coming music.

Startup A Place for Kind Words

The world is full of naysayers. For some reason there’s no shortage of people willing to tell you you’re wrong, that you’re not good enough, and that you aren’t going to make it. These may come in the things people say directly, or in the silence of their responses. To make matters worse sometimes the worst enemy is the voice of doubt in our own head. These inescapable thoughts are tough to fight off. In the back of our minds it can be hard to completely remove our nagging disquiet and apprehension.

One of the best ways to beat the doubting menace and bolster our own confidence is when we received encouragement from our friends. We’ve all received a positive word from someone at just the right time. This can make all the difference in the world. It can put a spring in your step and turn problems into challenges we can conquer. Keeping a positive outlook is often the difference between winning and losing. Home

But how does one find this on the internet? It’s widely known that people can be a bit too direct if not downright hostile when straying into the online interspace. Most social networks are designed for the full spectrum of our friends. We include close friends, acquaintances, along with those who are quick to say something discouraging. Now there’s a way to connect with people strictly on the grounds of positive social interaction, with It’s a new social network that promotes the exchange of positive and uplifting comments. The entire forum is based on the premise that people need and thrive on a little encouragement now and again. is the place online where they can find it.

True to social network form lets you invite friends and make new ones. If you’d like to say something complimentary to someone just navigate to their profile page and leave your comment. It also lets you indicate your relationship with them such as family, friend, classmate, colleague, or customer. These tidbits of feedback comprise the menagerie of positive thoughts people sent that person. Over time your profile will become a source of reminders of why the glass is half full, and why things are going your way.

Behold, kindness has found its way to the internet

Wanting to get a sampling of the rush of kind feedback I sought out a few active profiles. Not surprisingly, those of the founders were flush with a wealth of upbeat comments from their friends and family. See above for a sample of the burst of uplifting feedback that can be found on this newly launched network. You’ll notice you don’t have that well meaning but slightly disheartening friend chiming in the voice of doubt. Only 100% bona fide accolades are welcome on these forums. Profiles can be set up for persons as well as businesses. Each can utilize it as a page to gather and display positive feedback.

People of all walks of life need encouragement. A kind word can go a long way; you never know when it will reach someone at just the right time. provides the forum to give that kind word and make someone’s day better. And in the spirit of giving is better than receiving, sometimes giving a thoughtful remark can bring up your spirits much more so than receiving one. Regardless of what side of the mutually shared optimism you’re on, is the place for uplifting encouragement online.

Proving yet again that nice guys finish last, has come and it has gone. Hold your heads high fair and young entrepreneurs.


Grovo: How-to Guide for the Entire Internet

I remember years ago taking a course on how to use Microsoft Office. An employer felt the need to fulfill training requirements dictated by HR so off we went to learn a tool we pretty much already knew. I worked hard to glean something of interest from that course. Of Office I learned little, but it did serve as an introduction to the odd antics of the corporate environment.

Many people benefit from such courses. When they come across a new subject they look for those who provide training on it. A short course can lay the foundation for them to learn a new application and what they can do with it.

Grovo Home

As the technology world has progressed what used to be desktop applications installed locally on your machine have become online applications. This has changed the way people interact with their applications. Instead of storing files locally they can store them online. Instead of installing applications locally they can access them via the internet. This latter part has many benefits. One aspect to applications being online is they spring up quickly and can change at a whim. It’s hard to keep up with this new world of online applications.

Getting the training you need for a wide selection of online applications just got easier. Grovo is a new central resource for training on the major websites of the internet. They provide suites of training videos. These are organized into courses complete with quizzes and progress monitoring to help you learn new applications.

The types of sites Grovo features include Ebay, Facebook, multiple Google applications, Yelp, and many others. The power of Grovo is demonstrated in the quality of their videos. They aren’t just 101 how to guides that tell you what you likely already know. They teach you how to utilize specific services for specific purposes. For instance there’s a seven video course on Google Apps Admin Setup. These videos tell you everything you need to know about utilizing Google Apps with your own domain name. Anyone who’s set that up before knows that having a brief training session on it could be very helpful. Other courses include a twelve video series on how to get the most out of Mint, or how to use Aviary’s Image Markup Tool. I have to admit I avoid some of these applications since I don’t really look forward to the learning curve. Grovo opens the door to these online applications that people might not use otherwise.

Grovo Facebook Page Tutorial

Grovo is free for personal use. It also comes with a set of business tutorials which can be purchased for professional use. These include getting the most out of social marketing resources including Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook. It also contains a complete set of online productivity tutorials for tools such as Basecamp and Google Apps. I’ve trudged through learning these on my own over the years; it’s great to see them all organized with easy to understand tutorials. Utilizing Grovo’s business training applications could have saved me hours.

Learning something new can often be facilitated with a bit of training. The online application world has so far been neglected from the training forums that are typical of popular software products. Grovo fills the training gap for the internet applications that are becoming the main way information is processed. Its well prepared and easy to follow courses make it easy for people to learn how to get the most out of popular online applications.


SlideMyPics: Instant Embeddable Slideshows

Placing pictures on a website is nothing new. It’s been going on for many years. Placing slideshows on the web has been going on for years as well. This isn’t ground breaking technology for the internet either. In recent years most sites have graduated to ensuring their slideshows don’t automatically refresh the page every time you click on a new picture. There’s definitely something that’s appealing about cleanly clicking through a set of pictures on a website.

Despite all the advances with uploading pictures online and placing them in slideshows, there’s one area that isn’t as developed as it could be. That is when you’d like to include a slideshow on your website. As it turns out the code needed to create a slick and appealing slideshow of pictures isn’t trivial. Uploading a single picture is no problem. Placing them statically on the page takes no time at all. But figuring out how to get one to switch to the next along with including forward and next buttons takes some work. And getting it so that the entire page doesn’t reload with every new picture also takes some special code wrangling skills. It’s best to leave such tasks to the experts. One such expert is SlideMyPics. It’s a new online slideshow creator that lets you quickly and easily create custom embeddable slideshows.

SlideMyPics Home

SlideMyPics’ site exhibits the ‘one page of happiness’ website design. It boasts a single page to create your slideshow. On this page you can indicate the pictures you’d like to include and adjust various settings. These settings range from the height and width of the frame, to background color, to background music. Yes, SlideMyPics let’s you add some tunes while your slideshows are playing.

For uploading pics they decided to make it easy on us. SlideMyPics knows that we’ve already uploaded our pictures somewhere else. Instead of making us upload them yet again they allow us to link to those accounts instead. You can pull pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, or SmugMug. Once you click on the network of your choosing you select the pictures you’d like to include. By scrolling slightly down the page you’ll find an unmissable button labeled Organize photos. This brings up an interface to drag and drop the pictures in the order you’d like them. You can also remove pictures you choose not to include.

The final customizations come just a little bit further down the page with the Settings button. It sits at the bottom of the Preview button which by this point will already be displaying your newly created slideshow. Here you can adjust the size of the pictures, select a few template options, and select background music. The template includes three options for transitions between pictures- slide, fade, and thumbview. The settings are also where you can adjust the background color. To select music SlideMyPics is integrated with YouTube so you can search for your favorite song and set it to play in the background. I’m not 100% sure on the copyright clearance for large record label owned songs so be sure to check that before infringing on someone’s rights. Once everything’s configured the only thing left to do is to embed your newly formed slideshow. Given the simplicity of it I included my test slideshow below.

SlideMyPics’ one page website does not include user accounts. Instead it gives each slideshow a permanent link on their site where you can edit it or make updates. There’s a widget that allows you to email this link to yourself for future editing.

SlideMyPics creates attractive HTML5 ready slideshows that can be embedded anywhere in the web. It’s a great way to give your site a professional feel and display pictures on your site.


ParkBud: A Friend for Car Owners

Driving a car in the city can be a hassle. It took me about a year of living in a big city until I finally succumbed to getting rid of it. When you’re in the middle of it all there’s really no need. It’s easy enough to rent one when you need it, and it’s much easier not to have to deal with parking. Eventually I figured out the secret to parking. The trick is to park closer to all the tourist attractions since they close down at night. I was fortunate enough to live close to a hot spot for out of town visitors.

Not everybody is so fortunate. Many people own cars and love driving to the city. Or they take them to stadiums to watch a game. Once their night is over or the show is finished the task begins of finding the car. If they were smart they looked around for the street or some other landmark to help locate it. Almost every one of us has walked into a vast parking lot looking for their lost vehicle. If they’re lucky they have automatic locks or an alarm system so they just have to get close to it. Finding one’s car in large parking lots or places you aren’t familiar with can be challenging.

ParkBud Parking App

Now there’s an iPhone app designed specifically for this situation- ParkBud. It not only tracks where you parked your car but also comes with timers for parking meters, a locator to find new parking places, and other helpful features. It’s a must have app for all car owners.

ParkBud’s multifunctional automobile assistance app is everything we’ve always needed. The timers for your meter lets you indicate exactly how much time you can leave your car where it’s currently parked. You can set up reminders so you can give yourself enough time to get back to your car before you get towed or ticketed. Once the alarm goes off and you realize you need to move your car then the quest becomes to find it. For this ParkBud lets you record where you parked the car and will lead you straight back to it. These features alone make ParkBud an extremely valuable tool. With it you don’t have the anxiety of worrying about how much time is on the meter and don’t have to worry about where you put it.

ParkBud doesn’t stop there though. It comes complete with a notes section and the ability to take pictures of your car. The latter could be useful if you notice door dings or find a dent in your bumper. A power user tip for those who park their cars in the city frequently is get a car that you don’t mind if its doors or bumpers get dinged. It’s going to happen.

The other aspect of ParkBud is its parking locator feature. This helps you find nearby garages so you don’t have to spend hours looking around for parking. Oftentimes when people go out they bring directions to the venue they’re going to. They don’t usually bring directions to the nearest garage though. ParkBud provides this so once you get close to where you’re going you can quickly find parking.

Owning a car can be stressful. In particular it’s sometimes difficult to remember how much time you have left on the meter. It can also be difficult to find parking, or to find your car at all. ParkBud is the universal cure all for the stresses associated with parking your car. With it people can relax knowing they don’t have to worry about their vehicle.


RumbleTalk: Instant Online Chat Rooms

Website owners are always looking for ways to make their sites more interesting, more compelling, and to keep users there. They make every effort to create intriguing content so their users will always be entertained and keep coming back. Just like stores in the real world the first step of success for any website is getting people in the door and looking around. This doesn’t happen overnight. Just like relationships in real life, so online relationships need to be cultivated.

One way to cultivate these relationships is get people involved. This can be done in a number of ways, including offering them the chance to chat with others. By now everyone’s used to chatting with friends on the internet. Now there’s an easy way to add a simple chat utility directly on you site, with RumbleTalk. It’s a new free tool that lets you configure custom chat rooms that can be embedded in your site.

RumbleTalk Home

Working with RumbleTalk is as easy or as complex as you want. The simplest configuration is to select the skin you like, grab the embed code, and install it on your site. There are two ways to place it on your site. First is in the inline embed code. This will put the chat widget on your site just like you would a video or picture. The second is embedding it as a floating toolbar. It will appear at the bottom of the page like it’s attached to the frame of the browser. That way wherever users are on your site they can always click it. There’s also the option to direct people to a link on RumbleTalk’s site so they can chat there as well. If you look at the bottom right of this page you’ll find the floating chat widget for a real life demo.

The chat experience itself is as straightforward as anyone would expect. People can login as a guest, through Facebook, or as a Rumbletalk user. Once logged in it’s just like any other chat room. By default all messages can be seen by all people. This allows people to view existing conversations to see what others are thinking. The simplicity of using RumbleTalk makes it a helpful accessory to add to one’s site.

RumbleTalk works great straight out of the box, but it’s also fully configurable. You can include words you’d like to filter or you can make the chat private to those logged in. It gives you the option to allow guest login and/or Facebook login. For the skin you can select one of the growing list of attractive designs, or you can build your own. The advanced configuration editors lets you to adjust everything from background color to images, border color, width, padding, font, and just about every other aspect of the presentation. With a little bit of finagling the chat room can be designed to match your site’s look and feel.

RumbleTalk Configuration Panel

Beyond the utility itself RumbleTalk also lets you configure multiple chat groups and multiple chat rooms within them. This is helpful for those that own multiple sites or those that would like different chat rooms throughout their site. Along with this you can also create users to manage your chat room. There are three levels of users: Users, Room admins, and Chat Group admins. So let’s say you have a site with five different chat rooms. These would likely all be organized into the same group for that site. Chat Group administrators would keep watch over all the chat rooms, and room administrators would be admins for the specific rooms.

Adding the ability to chat on your website is a powerful way to engage users and keep them interested. It gives them the ability to respond to the content they view on your site and get feedback from others as well. It lets people connect with others in a real and meaningful way. RumbleTalk gives you this ability with its unprecedented fully featured embeddable chat utility. With it any site can quickly and easily have chat rooms.