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Finding things on Craigslist takes work. First you have to search in the right city. Next up you need to find the category. Once that’s done you then search on a keyword. Whether you’re looking for a job, couch, car, or TV this is a ritual you must endure multiple times a day until you find what you’re looking for.

Craigslist is of course one of the worst designed sites around. By now we all know that Craigslist pretty much gave up trying to accommodate its users. I have this notion that they don’t upgrade their website because deep down they don’t really like any of us. I postulate that making us look at the same mediocre design since its inception is Craigslist’s way of getting back at a world that was at one point cruel to them. Regardless of how bad the site may look, finding things on Craigslist shouldn’t have to be so hard. Although we aren’t easily able to create a new interface for it, we can provide the tools to help with your search. AdRavage is one such tool that searches Craigslist for you, so that you don’t have to.

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Now the best part about AdRavage is what we already mentioned- it spares you from having to peruse Craigslist’s sub par design. Instead you can sign up for an AdRavage account, indicate what you’re looking for and it will send you updates as postings matching that description are found. It makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, all the while thwarting Craigslist path vengeance by imposing its 1992-esque design on us.

AdRavage comes in two flavors. The first is the free plan. It provides you basic search and notifications. The other plan is premium. It costs either $3/month or you can pay $29 for a lifetime reprieve from having to navigate Craigslist’s waters. AdRavage will navigate them for you. The premium plan comes with unlimited notifications, the ability to add unlimited cities to a notification. It also lets you save cities to your profile for faster notification creation and comes with a search preview feature. Notifications can be received by email and text. Most recent notifications are also saved online. The service is available for the US and Canada.

The goal of AdRavage goes beyond scouring the ads featured on Craigslist. Ultimately they plan on including search and notification tools for Ebay, Autotrader, Yahoo classifieds, and similar sites. This will make it a one stop shop for anything you’re looking to purchase online.

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Looking for items online can be tedious. AdRavage takes the mundane repetitive task of searching and does it for you. With it you can set it up once and receive notifications immediately. It saves you both time, effort, and from the lamentable task of actually having to go to Craigslist itself.

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