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Getting noticed on social media sites can make or break a website. The power of these sites can send droves of people to your own website.  The next question becomes how to get the viral juices flowing. The first step is to make the various sharing options available. This often starts with setting up accounts for Facebook and Twitter. It’s a very exciting moment for many site owners once they get those basic social outlets in place. They put the Facebook Like button on their site and await the masses of people to start clicking it. In many cases these masses don’t come. Instead, a slow trickle of votes come in, if any. The reality is most of us don’t often click on other people’s social media buttons when we’re browsing. The visitors to our own sites are no different.

Finding a way to encourage your visitors and fan base to be a little more vocal about your site can be a great way to increase its overall visibility. But how do you do that? There are many ways to pull this off. You can make the buttons more visible and attractive. Or you can ask them directly. Or then, you can always just bribe them. The latter suggestion is perhaps the most effective. Users are a fickle bunch, but they all share one thing in common- the desire to get something for free.

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One tool set up to manage such promotion plans is Back At You. It’s a resource that provides multiple ways to connect with and incentivize your users and fans to share the news about your product. With it you can harness the power of your existing social network to augment your social media reach.

Back At You offers multiple venues that you can utilize to broaden your marketing efforts. These include tools to increase Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, collecting feedback, building email lists, and offering coupons. Each of these in its own right can greatly increase one’s traffic. Back At You provides the tools, it’s up to site owners to determine what’s most effective for their business.

The way it works is you select a specific marketing promotion plan. Let’s say you pick the Like Us program. This is a promotion that encourages users to Like your page by offering them an incentive. These incentives can be a coupon, entry into a sweepstakes, or providing exclusive content. They’re designed to compel users to share your page on their wall and attract other users.

The Twitter promotion plan is similar to the Facebook Like program except it deals with tweets instead of likes. The Feedback collector utilizes promotions to gather feedback from users. The Email list builder does the same to collect people’s email addresses. Finally the Coupon Ordinaire offers standard coupons. People love getting something for a discount and Back At You will manage the process.

Back At You Promotion Products

Once the promotion is built the next step is to let people know about it on Facebook and Twitter. They also provide a Facebook application to help with this. Once the promotion is launched you can track the results and figure out how effective it was. Back At You’s network tracks a full set of analytics on your campaigns. It’s here where you can see the value of your time and efforts and plan new marketing endeavors.

Back At You is a unique toolbox of utilities that can augment your marketing efforts via social media. It gives you the ability to get the full potential out of your current fan base and grow and garner their good will. With it sites can tap into the untouched markets that exist within their extended network of supporters.

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