Bundlr: Collecting Web Content

Sharing things you find on the web is one of the most common ways to use the internet. People find something interesting and email it to a friend or post it to a social network. The trick is to be the first one to find something new so you’re able to share it before others do. Of course some people go way overboard and send nifty updates out en masse. I think we all have that friend who forwards us old jokes that have circulated the internet for years.

Sometimes it’s helpful to collect a variety of sites, images, and videos all in the same place. Some people do this the old fashioned way. They send out an email full of links. To accommodate this many sites have sprung up that allow you to collect a series of links and send them all with one ‘super’ link. These certainly help keep emails clean and all the links in one central location. At the end of the day though it still requires the user to navigate to each page separately to gather the information being sent.

Bundlr Home

Taking the multiple links combined in one concept to the next level, is Bundlr. Bundlr allows you to not only collect links but images, videos, Wikipedia pages, audio, and a number of other resources found around the web. As you collect them you can put them on the same public page which can be shared with anyone. It allows you to create a page that gives a fair representation of a topic so people can get the gist of it at first, and have access to more resources if they like.

The way Bundlr works is you first need to install their Bundle This button. It’s an addition to your bookmarks. The instructions on how to do this are on their site, which include first making the bookmark toolbar visible and then dragging and dropping their button to it. The bookmark is actually a snippet of JavaScript code which handles the bundling for you. Once installed you’re ready to curate your first bundle.

First you must create the bundle by giving it a name and description. Once created you can add web pages or other items to it. Navigate to the page, press the bundle it button, and then it will add the item to your bundle. When you press the button it brings up an inline widget that allows you to select which bundle you’d like to add it to. You can also includes  short note if you like. To add it select the ‘clip this link’ option. If you’re adding a video or image it will give you the option to clip the video or image, respectively. A screen shot of the Bundle This button (on the top left), and the bundling currating widget, (on the top right), is pictured below.

Bundling of a soccer game

Once your bundle is created the only thing left to do is to share it. Each bundle is given a permanent URL which you can send out by email or social networks. The page itself is tiled with three columns. Each tile represents a link, image, video, or other entity. The videos can be played in screen, the links are provided brief descriptions, and images are viewable. Here’s a sample bundle of protests in Greece. You’ll note how easy it is to get a summary of this event.

Bundlr is a much more than a convenient way to group links together. It provides a useful page of information so people can quickly assess a topic. Once the Bundlr bookmarking tool is set up it’s extremely easy to create new bundles. It’s a fantastic way to share content from around the web.

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