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Online agreements are common. People make them all the time. No signatures, no notarization, just two people agreeing on terms and a fee. These can be upheld in court and create legally binding obligations. Of course most of the time this is what’s intended. Two people agree to buy or sell something and clarify the terms by writing emails. For low dollar items no one wants to draft a legal document and have it double signed. Usually email works just fine for such deals.

We all know email isn’t designed for contracts though. It does not always clearly outline the details and often important tenants may be included deep in the thread of a discussion. This can leave one or both parties feeling like they didn’t get the deal they were expecting. Thus, email is not the ideal vehicle for contracts to be formed. It’s for this reason FixOn.Me was created. It’s a simple online tool for people to outline their agreements and confirm their acceptance of them.

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FixOn.Me is easy to use. To create an agreement give it a name, include the text of the agreement, and then add the email addresses of the parties who are part of the agreement. Once all the terms are described and people are included, you press the button to create the agreement. At this point the agreement will be emailed out to all the associated parties. They have the option to accept the terms or edit them. Once they’ve confirmed and accepted the agreement FixOn.Me’s job is done. If either party later has a question about what was agreed on they can refer back to the online contract.

One of the great parts about FixOn.Me is that it requires no registration. Anyone can use it to create new agreements at any time. Only those that are included in an agreement will receive the email to view, edit, or confirm their acceptance. The emails contain a pass code that people need in order to edit or accept the terms. Since there are no user accounts it’s important that the person creating the agreement remembers to include themselves as well.

The potential applications of FixOn.Me are endless. The most basic usage is to summarize email or chat conversations in a concise, easy to understand format. Since it’s a collaborative tool it can also be used to help people decide things together such as deciding where to go for vacation or what to buy a mutual friend. It could be used to track bets made with friends, or even promises you make to yourself. Perhaps the latter two categories may be the most helpful. We’ve all made bets with friends who then later retracted once they lost. And we’ve also all made goals for ourselves which we didn’t follow through on. FixOn.Me is a great way to log these so we can keep ourselves and those close to us to our commitments.

FixOn.Me Sample Agreement

FixOn.Me is a simple tool, but one that is needed. Many people have fallen in the trap of committing to things without intending to. Writing a long formal printed contract is usually too time consuming to bother with. FixOn.Me is a great tool for online agreements. With it people can clearly establish the terms of their agreements and get the consensus and agreement of all the interested parties.

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