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I remember years ago taking a course on how to use Microsoft Office. An employer felt the need to fulfill training requirements dictated by HR so off we went to learn a tool we pretty much already knew. I worked hard to glean something of interest from that course. Of Office I learned little, but it did serve as an introduction to the odd antics of the corporate environment.

Many people benefit from such courses. When they come across a new subject they look for those who provide training on it. A short course can lay the foundation for them to learn a new application and what they can do with it.

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As the technology world has progressed what used to be desktop applications installed locally on your machine have become online applications. This has changed the way people interact with their applications. Instead of storing files locally they can store them online. Instead of installing applications locally they can access them via the internet. This latter part has many benefits. One aspect to applications being online is they spring up quickly and can change at a whim. It’s hard to keep up with this new world of online applications.

Getting the training you need for a wide selection of online applications just got easier. Grovo is a new central resource for training on the major websites of the internet. They provide suites of training videos. These are organized into courses complete with quizzes and progress monitoring to help you learn new applications.

The types of sites Grovo features include Ebay, Facebook, multiple Google applications, Yelp, and many others. The power of Grovo is demonstrated in the quality of their videos. They aren’t just 101 how to guides that tell you what you likely already know. They teach you how to utilize specific services for specific purposes. For instance there’s a seven video course on Google Apps Admin Setup. These videos tell you everything you need to know about utilizing Google Apps with your own domain name. Anyone who’s set that up before knows that having a brief training session on it could be very helpful. Other courses include a twelve video series on how to get the most out of Mint, or how to use Aviary’s Image Markup Tool. I have to admit I avoid some of these applications since I don’t really look forward to the learning curve. Grovo opens the door to these online applications that people might not use otherwise.

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Grovo is free for personal use. It also comes with a set of business tutorials which can be purchased for professional use. These include getting the most out of social marketing resources including Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook. It also contains a complete set of online productivity tutorials for tools such as Basecamp and Google Apps. I’ve trudged through learning these on my own over the years; it’s great to see them all organized with easy to understand tutorials. Utilizing Grovo’s business training applications could have saved me hours.

Learning something new can often be facilitated with a bit of training. The online application world has so far been neglected from the training forums that are typical of popular software products. Grovo fills the training gap for the internet applications that are becoming the main way information is processed. Its well prepared and easy to follow courses make it easy for people to learn how to get the most out of popular online applications.

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