infostripe: Where business cards and websites converge

Business cards are funny things. They used to be the most important tool in a business’s arsenal. These small pieces of over thick paper have been the conduit that connects the good people of the business world. I have one friend who was particularly industrious about her business card acumen. For every new endeavor she would create a highly decorated card for the occasion.

Of course most businesses like to maintain a web presence as well so people can find out more about them. Their websites may serve as a store where people can purchase their product or services, or they may be simple billboards with information. These come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of professionalism. Some give new meaning to the term cousin art, a phrase used to describe graphic art that is done by someone’s friend or relative who isn’t particularly talented at it.

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When setting up a web presence online the first step is to build a website. Once that’s done then comes the Facebook page. Next up is Twitter and perhaps YouTube. Then there’s a blog or a storefront on Amazon. After that comes a Flickr page and any number of profiles from networks around the web. Many websites have lengthy lists of all the networks they’re active in. When grouped together in an itemized list one thing becomes clear- this is either someone with too much time on their hands or a real estate agent. There’s really no attractive way to represent all of one’s web profiles and presences in a concise way. That is, until infostripe. Infostripe is a place where you can create a profile for just about anything. Be it a business, hobby, or an event you’d like to commemorate, you can create an infostripe for it.

An infostripe is a web page that contains basic business card information and a whole lot more. It can pull your latest Twitter feeds, or your latest updates from your blog feeds, or embed YouTube videos. It tops out at around 200 websites, stores, social networks, and communities that you can include in your infostripe profile. What’s more, this information takes on a different look and feel, one very much like a stripe. It’s a narrow mobile phone sized display that sequentially posts your information vertically instead of horizontally. It’s a clever and new way to display information online.

The power of infostripe is in the ease with which you can collect all your information in one place. It’s like a cross between a full fledged website and a business card. Instead of overloading your email signature with fourteen of your favorite social networks and your web page, you can leave your unique and custom infostripe profile. With it people can quickly scan your profile and get all the information they need. It’s the perfect solution to engage the relatively short attention span of users.

Setting up an infostripe is easy. Just register for a free account and then add the information you would like. This is broken into four sections: Details, Social, Media, and Colors. Details are the title, description, URL, phone number, and location of the entity you’re creating the infostripe for. Most of the fields are optional so you can include only what you want displayed online. It also gives you a QR code so people can readily save your infostripe for future reference. The Social section contains one of the most astoundingly thorough lists of social network profiles known to man. I strongly suspect they contacted some property management firms in order to generate such a lengthy A-Z set of networks. Here you can add your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and every other profile under the sun. They’ll be included in a set of icons at the top of your infostripe. The latest Twitter updates will also be included in your profile as well. Media is where you can insert content into your infostripe. Here you can include your logo, embed videos, and add your blog feed(s). Finally, Colors allows you to set the basic colors of your infostripe.

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Not wanting to miss out, we set up our own infostripe. (Pictured above.) It only takes a few minutes. It quickly becomes clear why this is the perfect solution to the I have too many social media profiles in my email signature problem. With it people can find all the information then need without having to browse through a convoluted website or lengthy list of profiles. Those who have an infostripe profile of their own can add other profiles to their favorites. By clicking on the title bar profiles will be included in a favorites section in their infostripe.

Infostripe is a creative and unique brand identity solution. Creating a narrow stripe that runs vertical down the page is a new way to present information which is convenient for readers. Rather than distract them with the entire screen, everything they need to know is in an easy to discover column. With it, people can collect all their information in a simple, presentable, infostripe.

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