Inspectlet: Real Time Recorded Analytics

There are some things that website owners find themselves doing that they never really planned on. One of these is the frequency with which they track their users’ actions. One of the most common tools for this is of course Google Analytics. It keeps daily reports of the navigation paths of a site’s visitors. Some of us we’ve taken to checking the results throughout the day to see how things are progressing. This entails logging into the site, selecting the current date, and pressing the refresh button every once it a while. It’s always fun to see a new source of traffic or a page that’s getting a lot of hits.

Using the refresh button to get the latest traffic and usage results is hardly the way Google Analytics was intended to be used. It’s more of a summary tool geared for analytics reports at the end of the day, week, or month. For those who would like to know what their users are doing right now it’s just not the right solution. Fortunately, the right solution comes to us from a different provider- Inspectlet. It offers the same easy installation as Google Analytics, and provides an entirely different world of analytics results.

Inspectlet’s installation consists of registering for an account and pasting two lines of Javascript code into the footer of your website. Once installed it gives you real time analytics results of what your users are doing. Not only can you view what pages they’re on as they’re on them but you can actually watch them do it. All user actions are recorded and can be played back, just like in a video.

The first concern with using Inspectlet would naturally be if it’s obtrusive to your users. For this they offer two proofs. First is their online demo. Here you can actually record yourself using Inspectlet and then view your actions. Next you can sign up for the free 7 day trial and test it on your own site. They offer a variety of the plans which are outlined here. The plans vary based upon number of pageviews, screen captures, and number of custom metrics. The screen captures are the aforementioned video recordings. Custom metrics allow you to track data specific to your site such as the number of registered users versus guests. More information on setting those up can be found in their API.

The other demo available is their real time demo. Here you can see the results of a site that has Inspectlet installed. It lets you can watch users arrive on the pages of their site and see what they’re doing. It shows you all the information I try to get out of Google Analytics by pressing the refresh button.

Inspectlet Analytics

Inspectlet offers real time statistics and unprecedented insight into the activities of your users. Not only does it display what they’re doing at the moment but it also records it so you can respond to it immediately. If all your users are putting items in the shopping cart but then not following through with checkout you will be able to find out why much sooner. If you wait until the next day many sales could be lost. Or if you have a topic that’s trending in your search bar then it could alert you to put that item on the home page. Inspectlet gives you the tools to gauge the activities of your users so you can better manage your site.

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