Kadaza: A Start Page to Remember

At some point in life every one of us has experienced the fear of getting lost. Perhaps it occurred when we were wandering in the forest. Or maybe it happened at the mall. Whenever we begin to explore the world around us we run the risk of not quickly finding our way back.

The web is kind of like a forest as well. It’s comprised of millions of websites, not all of which are of interest to you. As you wander its discordant passages you’ll begin to realize that each site is as different as the next. Some are worth remembering, others are passed by as quickly as they’re found. It’s not uncommon to chance upon a great site and then forget where it was found. Then a few months later it’s never to be discovered again, lost to the archives of the internet.

Kadaza Home

There are many tools that help you remember your favorite places to navigate on the web. The most basic of these are browser based bookmarks. With them you can save a hierarchical list of favorite sites. If you’re anything like me you rarely look through your bookmarks unless you’re looking for something specific. It takes time to look through them and isn’t always easy to navigate. As often as not people won’t look through their bookmarks and in turn visit the same sites they normally would. Typically these include an email site, a social network, and the news. Things might be different if their favorite sites were more visible. It’s for this reason that Kadaza was built. It’s an easy way to save and bookmark your favorite sites online. It comes complete with customizable search options.

The idea behind Kadaza is simple. First you configure it by adding all your favorite sites to its interface, then you make it your homepage. By default the it includes a number of usual suspects for sites you’d like to visit. We’re talking YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, CNN, and other top sites. To customize it all you do is select the customize button which makes each site entry editable. You can click on the pencil edit button which brings up a search interface. Here you can select from other popular sites, or search for the one you’d like to add. Once selected it will include your new favorite site in your default list.

The other customization options are the settings. Here you can adjust the background image, the search engine options, and how links are opened. The background options are an attractive selection of backgrounds so you can adjust the look and feel of your personal Kadaza home page. In my testing I selected Paris (ah… the city with the most exquisite food in the world), and then a leopard. These can be changed whenever you like. The search engine options allow you to specify Google, Yahoo, Bing, or ixquick. The latter is a search engine that is not only powerful but also protects your privacy by not recording your IP address. The final configuration option is whether clicking on your bookmarks opens them in the same window or a new window or tab.

Kadaza Tech Blogs

The one thing Kadaza doesn’t have is user accounts. It stores all your favorites in your browser cache. It actually stores them on their server as well, assigning them a short URL. So if you’d like to share your favorites with someone you click the share button which brings up a unique Kadaza.com URL. This is a great way to save your own settings in the event you clear your cache. You can set your home page URL to the shared URL so your settings will be saved regardless of whether you clear the cache.

Kadaza is your start page and your own personal map to the internet. With it you can add your favorites to a customizable home page. It makes browsing faster, easier, and fun.

  • GoodideaHunting

    It’s like navigation, but more beautiful and it also has customization.

  • ritwick

    kadaza is a quite good as a startpage.
    Other options would be allmyfaves, centpage etc.
    Nice layout. Would like to have more customization.
    Very useful to any internet user.

  • Adam

    only2clicks.com is my favorite

    1. Stephen

      Oh OK. We featured them here: https://www.vyteo.com/2013/01/only2clicks/

  • Marco A Galindo

    I like kadaza because is my favorite start home page

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