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Kinspir: King of Online Collaboration Tools

In today’s day and age it really doesn’t take that much effort to put information online. You can thread together a few lines of code, throw it on a web server, and call it a website. Your grandparents will be so proud of your new found creativity and tell their friends there’s a web developer in the family. From that point on you’ll be called upon to fix everything from the VCR to their Windows 95 computer. Being known as the computer guy has a long list of hazards.

In this wild world of the web there are websites, and then there are websites. Some are rudimentary projects that people threw together in their spare time. Others are the work of semi professionals. And then there’s Dynamictivity. They’re a nimble team of web developer ninjas who not only specialize in finding inner enlightenment through hand to hand combat, but are also some pretty talented web developers. They bring us Kinspir, the most robust and tantalizing online collaboration tool we’ve come across to date.

Kinspir Home

Kinspir, which sounds like it was pulled from the pages of Forbes magazine, is an online collaboration and project management tool. It comes with all the stock issue requisites of such utilities including calendars, milestones, tasks, and the ability to assign them to members of the team. That’s just getting going though. While it has all the functions needed for task and team management, it brings with it a social network as well. In a first of its kind maneuver it accommodates for the fact that projects are more than todo lists with deadlines. They’re comprised of people working together on an ever changing landscape of productivity.

The projects themselves come in the form of workspaces. A new workspace can be added which will contain all the details of that project. These include tasks, milestones, stacks, contacts, billing, inventory, and a wiki. Most of those are self explanatory. Stacks are somewhat similar to milestones in that you can associate tasks to them. They exist outside the milestone schedule though so you can track broader (or narrower) overall project goals.

The social networking aspect of Kinspir includes feeds which keep you updated on the latest status of your workspaces. Then you have connections which are similar to friends or followers on other social networks. It includes a notifications which update you on recent activity, and then messages which is an internal direct messaging system. On top of that there’s an in browser chat utility so people can communicate. I think most small or medium sized offices utilize Yahoo or Live for their inter office chat. With Kinspir you can conduct all your communications through the same interface.

Kinspir Home

Beyond thoughtfully and creatively integrating social networking with online productivity, Kinspir has a particularly attractive interface. It’s not the work of a few guys working on a project in their spare time. The design is slick and the functionality, of which some is still forthcoming, is well thought out.

Kinspir rises above the chaff of online fodder that comprises the symposium of the internet. ¬†On top of everything else they did right, it’s free for consumers. An enterprise solution is in the works which will include additional services as well as a service level agreement. Just when we thought the online project management market was full, Kinspir enters with a remarkably well built and well conceived service. We expect great things out of you Kinspir. Very, great things.

Kinspir was probably one of the best looking sites we’ve reviewed that took the plunge. We’ll still revere them as king of online collaboration tools. We’ll only note that they had precious few subjects. It was a very well done site though!

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