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Everyone likes witty people. It’s fun being around those who can encapsulate a moment or incident with a simple short statement. These comments provide comedic pause and insight into what’s really going on. Other times they serve to poke fun at someone or something. Quips are enjoyed by many and are both memorable and entertaining.

Online quips take a different form. People often make them in chat forums. Some of them graduate to attain full fledged meme status, where the one liner comes to represent a certain idea or situation. These come in and out of style as the ebb and flow of news and its commentators stream across the web. Nobody really knows where they come from or when people will lose interest. They’re like verbal fads.

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Now there’s a way to track news articles and the quips that surround them, with Kwipster. It’s a site that collects quip worthy news articles and the one liners people make about them. It’s not any man’s chat forum; it’s for the clever and witty at heart.

Using Kwipster is easy. You register for a free account and begin contributing kwips to your articles. At a very basic level you need only come armed with your creativity. From there you can read the articles and provide your clever comments. There are a few rules to follow, most of which are common sense. These include only being able to rate each kwip once, only being able to post up to 10 kwips per story, and not sabotaging other users. Far being it from the smart alecs among us to partake in less than savory tactics.

Beyond being a place for kwips, Kwipster is a competition. Each user’s kwips are rated by others which give them points. Top Kwipsters are recognized as such so others can bask in their funniness. As they go about their kwipping they’ll continue to acquire points. As they progress they’ll move from levels -1 to 20. Rules are outlined here. Note that level negative one is aptly named Comic Sans, and the top level is Late Night Legend. As would be expected from a site about one liners all the content on Kwipster is witty and entertaining.

So let’s explore a sample article and its kwips. I found a representative article about an Oregon man who relieves himself into a massive reservoir and the city in turn decides to drain the whole thing. Never mind the fact that this is an open reserve with fish, birds, and other animals in it doing the same thing, they’re draining it based upon a single photograph of this man peeing. And so the Kwipsters begin with their cocktail of comments ranging from humor to mockery. They include insinuations that bottled watered companies were behind it to making light of the act itself.

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There are actually two ways to think about Kwipster. The first is the aforementioned site that collects articles and the kwips that surround them. The second is to gauge how interesting articles are based upon the quantity and quality of their kwips. All over the web people are looking for new content. Kwipster provides a different way to discover it by listing their top kwipped articles by day, week, month, year, and all time. The articles that more people participate in are likely the most intriguing. I certainly learned something about how water resources are managed in Oregon, for instance.

Kwipster is a fun site that provides comedic relief in our otherwise monotone web browsing sessions. It’s a place where the funny guys of the internet can strut their stuff and take stage for a little while. The funnier folks will rise to the top so more people can enjoy their gift of humor. It’s also a great way to read some interesting articles. Kwipster is an entertaining way to explore the web and share one’s sense of wit.

Update from Kwipster 23 Jan 2012. All good things must come to an end, and even some mediocre ones. Thus is the case for Kwipster, which is ceasing operations at the end of this month so its founder can begin work on a non-profit project. This time on purpose. What does this mean for you?

Probably not much. Turns out there’s this thing called the Internet, which already gives you plenty of places to make jokes about the latest news. Somehow we missed it during our research.

If there’s anything you’d like to download from your profile, please do so by Jan 31. After that, Kwipster will return to its rightful place in cyberspace, as a GoDaddy landing page.

All kidding aside, we’d sincerely like to thank you for becoming a part of our community, for keeping us entertained over the past year, and for helping us make Kwipster into a miserable failure. We couldn’t have done it without you.

If you’d like to make one last crack, please do so at our expense here.

  • johnhernandez

    Nice competition and just want to say something about it. Kwipster is a fun site that provides comedic relief in our otherwise monotone web browsing sessions. It’s a place where the funny guys of the internet can strut their stuff and take stage for a little while. Anybody like young and children can play this.

  • "O-" wife of Stan Silliman

    My husband, , Stan Silliman, died last month. He was a writer and performer of onstage comedy, (and also authored comedic books and columns about sports, ) … was actively competing for top posts in Kwipster, I would love to view — and hopefully collect & catalog, — any of his entries that might be available. Can anyone tell me how to access those?


    1. Admin

      I’m sorry for you loss.

      Sites on the web are often archived. I found at least some of it from here. That page takes forever to load though. I downloaded as much as I could. Check out this file- you should find four PDFs. It’s not everything, since it only takes snapshots periodically, but contains a lot.

      If you need more info, send me a note with your email address on my contact form so I know how to reach you. I found the personal email address of one of the owners so I could potentially contact him for a full archive.

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