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One thing in life I really disdain is losing things. I’m pretty good about keeping track of all my belongings and making sure they don’t wander off or get misplaced. I remember years ago I lost a guitar chords book. Although easily replaceable I still find myself looking for it at times. It’s completely gone.

Much more irreplaceable than our personal belonging is our family. In today’s busy world it’s so easy for them to run around all over town or worse, be taken somewhere against their will. The latter situations are cause for extreme alarm with every level of law enforcement ready to help out. But there’s more that we can do to ensure their safety. This comes to us in a long needed mobile application named Life360. It offers multiple ways to ensure the safety of your family, belongings, and even personal finances.

Life360 Home

Life360 offers both free and premium services. The free services include Family GPS Tracking, Family Alerts, and Sex Offender Monitoring. The Family GPS Tracking is a way to track the whereabouts of everyone in your family all the time. With it parents can monitor the movements of their kids and each other so they know where they are. If they end up going on a road trip to the next county then you’ll be the first to know. For those that don’t have phones they also offer a separate GPS tracking device, which comes with a fee and monthly service fee.

Family Alerts are a way to connect with your loved ones during emergencies. Let’s say there’s a major catastrophe, such as the finale of the Bachelorette being cancelled. This would cause the cell phone networks around the nation to be inundated with calls of people complaining and wanting to rant about how upset they are. Family Alerts is a backup system that allows you to connect with your loved ones. You can leave them a message which will be delivered to them. It works around jammed phone lines and other infrastructure hang ups.

Sex Offender monitoring draws from the national database of sex offenders and their locations. It allows you to see where offenders are and view their mug shots and other information about them. You can learn where they are and quickly figure out where the safe areas are. Email alerts can be set up to alert you to any new offender activity in the area.

Life360 Family's Private Safety Network

The premium services including Emergency Identification, Family Identification Protection, and Lost Item Recovery. Emergency Identification is an ID card that provides medical information for yourself or your family in the event of a medical emergency. Let’s say you’re diabetic and under some circumstances could slip into a coma. This information needs to be available to emergency workers so they know how to treat you. These ID cards come in different forms including Velcro bracelets for kids and cards for adults.

Family Identification protection is an identity theft prevention and monitoring system. With it you can receive free credit reports and place alerts to track suspicious activity. It comes with a $1 million dollar guarantee if an issue arises that’s a result of Life360’s service not working correctly. It also includes removing your name from preapproved credit card offers which will reduce the amount of junk mail you receive.

The final offering by Life360 is their Lost Item Recovery service. Here you can register items with them and in turn get a tracking badge. If the item turns up missing and people find the item they can return it to Life360. The person who returns the item receives a reward and you get your item back. Neither party needs to communicate since Life360 manages the exchange. It comes with a $125 guarantee if your lost item is not returned.

Taking care of your family is the number one priority. Everything else in life can be replaced. Life360 offers the tools to keep your family safe and all your personal finances and belongings as well.

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