MySurfPad: A Start Page for the Sophisticated Web Surfer

Life is full of stages that people progress and graduate through. It starts with the various levels of school where each year kids need to achieve a certain level of competency. The same thing happens with sports activities; they start in the easier leagues and progress to the more advanced. Relationally people graduate from dating someone for a couple weeks, to a couple months, to years, and then settling down. In all areas of life there’s a natural progression that people follow.

The web has a similar progression. When people first ‘find’ the internet they typically start with email. AOL is the historic leader in welcoming newcomers to the internet. Their controversial direct mail CD campaign introduced many to the internet. In a huge twist of irony their CD was the gateway for many to get online. It’s also representative of the last CD they would ever use, as more and more information is stored and transferred online now. Once installed people would use AOL’s browser and its home page to initiate millions of people’s web browsing sessions.

MySurfPad Home

For many of us, eventually the training wheels come off from the AOL experience. We moved from dial up, to DSL, to cable and realized we could cut out the middle man. We also realized that using advertisement laden browsers with homepages full of whiz bang will bog down our browsing sessions. I remember my own personal epiphany when I figured out that the browser loads extremely fast if you set your home page to blank. (And also when you use a non IE/AOL browser.) And so I went about my browsing typing in the URL of each page I wanted manually. Auto complete made it pretty fast, but I too, had another stage to graduate to.

This new stage comes in the form of start pages. It’s kind of like the original AOL page from oh so long ago, except these are entirely customizable. Instead of the page being canvassed with product placements and a booming voice announcing the arrival of emails, you have the ability to put everything you want there. It’s like a cross between a customizable home page and browser based bookmarks. For those who are ready to catch the wave, MySurfPad is the start page for you.

MySurfPad is a fully customizable start page. The way it works is you configure it exactly as you’d like and then set it as your home page. From then on every time you log in all your favorite sites and streams of information are displayed. This launches a whole new way to explore the web. Your news, email, favorite feeds, and favorite sites are all one click away or displayed right there on the page. And so I blissfully began using a start page tool to gain synergistic online web induced euphoria. It was nice. But, there was still yet another stage that I might graduate to. The last is one that not everyone can embark on- the custom code stage.

MySurfPad Module Creation Editor

As we all know one of the things that made MySpace successful was that you can actually add and edit the HTML of your page. This gave people unprecedented leeway to personalize and customize their profiles on the web. MySurfPad gives you that same freedom by allowing you to create custom modules. You’re given a code editor complete with a test button that allows you to create your very own gadgets. Here you can create modules so that your start page includes anything you like. It comes complete with a user guide, which follows the Google module standard for portability.

MySurfPad brings web surfing to the highest known level of browsing mastery. Those who seek enlightenment in the ways of web surfing will one day graduate to it. It not only makes one’s browsing experience easier, but more enjoyable as well.

We’re not sure exactly what happened. One day MySurfPad is up and catching the internet wave, the next it’s lounging by the pool. Suffice it to say it’s not surfing anymore.

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