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Everyone develops their own method for getting things done. I used to have a business associate that was exceptionally idealistic and stuck to the one task at a time methodology. Whatever the current task was that was the only thing we would focus on. It made for some highly effective work sessions. Although, one of us (me!), would have to go through things later and fill in the holes since anything except for the goal at hand would be missed.

Other people have taken to working in groups. They gather a pool of people in a room and then divvy up the tasks accordingly. This tends to work in the favor of the most vocal. If you aren’t quick to speak up then you’ll end up doing all the grunt work. Of course in the corporate world tasks are frequently distributed by an all knowing and all seeing boss. Never mind how little they may actually see or know, whatever they assign is what you do. There’s certainly the benefit of simplicity with the authoritative delegation of responsibilities.

Now there’s a visual way to organize tasks, with Pegby. It creates mock 3×5 cards which you can fill in and post to an online board. The board is composed of columns which represent the various stages of work. It allows you to document every task that needs to be accomplished and visually track it through to completion.

Pegby sounds a lot simpler than it is. The cards themselves are customizable, can be assigned to various owners, and can be dragged and dropped to different columns on the board. The board starts with three columns named Pending, In Progress, and Done, but you have the ability to create more. In fact you can create as many columns and as many boards as you like. You can invite as many users as you like too. It comes in various subscription based offerings depending on how many users, boards, and friends you’d like to collaborate with. There is a free option which comes with up to two shared boards, two friends per board, and a total of four friends. For most small projects this would be enough to get going.

The cards can be customized with a new color, the ability to add attachments, tags, and a calendar to postpone the task to a later date. The color could be used to represent priority or group assignment, for instance. The tags could be used to group stages of the project. Pegby simply provides the tools; users can implement them however works best for them.

Pegby Board

Pegby fits the mold of a website that does one thing and does it well. Most web developers can build a database of cards each of which contains names, descriptions, and assignments. Pegby went all out to build a tool that has all the bells and whistles imaginable with such a system. It’s implemented in such a way that offers the functionality if you need it but doesn’t impose it on you. It even lets you download your board for offline processing. It puts the information in the fabled YAML format for further editing or data import. It’s still in beta phase and new features will undoubtedly continue to augment their service.

Getting organized with one’s tasks is important. It helps ensure everything gets accomplished and that projects stay on track. Pegby is a great tool to do just that. Whether a large team of people are working together or only a few individuals, Pegby is a dynamic tool to help visualize and organize one’s work.

Pegby closed up shop. Such a shame for their great effort. I’d be curious how many lines of code were expended on it. It was a involved effort. We’ll remember them most for using the YAML format for their import/export utility. I guess that makes Pegby one small step for YAML, one giant catastrophe for Pegby. We have no doubt about the future successes of the individuals who put this site together though.

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    Thanks for the fantastic review of Pegby, Steve! We sure appreciate your service and will be letting all our folks know about SlapStart.

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    Reminds me of SmartQ (

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